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Dry Brushing Set Right

Some time before the end of the year rush, I was able to sit down with a great painter in our Infinity group who was showing off a quick technique that he’s used with great success- dry brushing. Now I’ve been dry brushing for some time but seeing his results and technique, I see there are some critical details I’ve been missing. As much for my own benefit of documenting the technique in detail, I have it now before you.

Digital Gains: Deeper Dive

Thanks to Tyler’s question on the original Digital Gains post, I’ve decided to put together a more comprehensive look at the photogrammetry steps in doing digital conversions. First up is the what the camera sees.

Messing With Process

Things are chugging along as I get more material ready for Dropzone Commander in Tabletop Simulator. I’ve been working on a friend’s fantastic UCM models. The photogrammetry program, Zephyr, has this annoying habit of requiring updates regularly and they make me redo all my settings. I don’t know if it is the forced redo of the settings or the update or if his models are just that good but they are coming out so crisp.

A Tale Of Two Zuyongs

The Zuyong Invincibles, heavy infantry main line troops of Infinity’s Yu Jing faction, are one of my favorite unit concepts in the game. I like the idea of a battalion of these heavy armored troops running around taking charge. I started off my collection with the Red Veil starter and it included one of these soldiers but I’ve now expanded the group quite a bit and have refined my paint scheme a little more.

Paint Masking

Just a quick note on a paint masking technique I ran across when talking to professional house painters.

Faces Of Krit: Workflow Example

With my catalog of painting faces through Infinity models, I found I had another face to paint up before jumping into a lot of helmeted heavy infantry. I decided it might be fun to show the successive stages of how I was painting faces now, using the LazyPainter technique.

Sepia Monochromatic Painting: A Visual Guide

Lighting Up The Guijia

With all the work now done on the Infinity Guijia Squadron model, I was able to show off the last little addition I made. With this biggest Yu Jing model in the game and TAGs being more of a centerpiece unit, I really wanted to make things stand out so in addition to the custom base topper, I also decided to build a custom base to house an LED and have the base light up.

The Ruined City: Nesting

In Dr. Feitmarr’s press release, the new vampires were doing well. Checking back in and the group has swelled in numbers dramatically.

The Ruined City: Salt Chipping The Whips

Back with more on Dropzone Commander and fleshing out my Ruined City. This time, I’m looking at scatter terrain, namely making dozens of tiny cars work in my torn up city. EBay has 10mm (N scale) toy cars in bulk and Colton and I split a pack years ago for Dropzone Commander. Unfortunately, they look too clean to be in my city so I took a page out of friend Brian’s play book at dirtied them up.

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