In the course of pimping out games, sometimes I get carried away and the “design bug” gets to me.  Below are some of the game variants I’ve had fun making and what new items I’m messing around with.

In Progress:

Flick ’em Up!: Adrenaline – a cross-over variant combining the open-ended dexterity game, Flick ’em Up! and the innovative euro-control first-person shooter, Adrenaline.

Catacombs 3rd edition Solo/Co-op rules – an AI driven variant that replaces the Overseer player to create a unique and cooperative experience.

A Fury of Evil – a cross-over variant combining the hidden role, one-versus-many aspects of Fury of Dracula and the random monster and setting of A Touch of Evil.


Settlers of Catan and Zombies – a Halloween inspired variant that replaces the robber role with an undying horde of zombies.


Catacombs 3rd edition Critical Hit deck – a light variant replacing the critical hit results in Catacombs with a deck of varied effects.

All Poison:Devoured:Teleported Cards

Catacombs 3rd edition Devoured board – a fun way to keep devoured heroes in the game instead of being on the sidelines for some of the harder monsters and Catacomb Lords.


Catacombs 3rd edition Fate variant – a simple way to share the balance of adding some of the challenges such as variant monsters and flaming barriers by giving heroes extra actions or abilities.


Pitchcar Death Race – a power-driven take on the racing dexterity game, Pitchcar that introduces attacking and damage to the venerable racers.


Kingsburg Legacy – a play on the popular “Legacy” concept where each game replaces one of the board’s Advisors with the winning player’s Character (from the To Forge A Realm expansion).  More “campaign” than “legacy” but it does require some permanent board alterations (or at least semi-permanent).


Thunder Road Advanced – adding varied terrain and new board conditions as well as variable player powers to the classic Mad Maxian board game.


Thunder Road Advanced: Skull City – what hubris! a full blow “expansion” to my Thunder Road Advanced rules with new boards and enemies set in a post-apocalyptic city setting.

rBack Skull City

X-wing Death Race – a racing variant for X-wing first told to me by the Fantasy Flight Games design team as an unofficial variant they would play in-house.

X-wing Furball – a variant inspired from some of my first Gen Con experiences playing a Wings of War Furball with a last-man-standing victory condition.