Getting the vegetation covered for my table, I want to have a way to get my crew back on shore from their boats. That means docks and boats.

This is quite easy as it was more about finding the models, printing them, and working them up to table ready.

Official longboats are available from Firelock Games but I won’t need them for any official purpose beyond scenery or scenario rules so I opted for Printable Scenery’s longboat. This lets me print as many as I need.

I also wanted some dock scatter so I grabbed some files from Thingiverse made by user PieceBringer.

The docks themselves are a modular system, able to raise and lower in height as needed. Two users helped bring these options to the masses, with the first from MyMinisFactory, making the wide, height-adjustable decks. And the second, from Thingiverse with table height narrow decks that also help create bridges to the bigger decks or ships.

All of this then went to the priming stage and got a dry brushing of some craft paint. I didn’t like how light this came out so later one, I shot it with a coat of Agrax Earthshade through the airbrush. When that shade is atomized, it doesn’t do the pooling “shadowing” effect that you usually use it for. Instead, it applies an even darkening over the whole model to bring the overall tone down. Unfortunately, I don’t have a shot of that last effect but we’ll see it when I bring everything together.