The Zuyong Invincibles, heavy infantry main line troops of Infinity’s Yu Jing faction, are one of my favorite unit concepts in the game. I like the idea of a battalion of these heavy armored troops running around taking charge. I started off my collection with the Red Veil starter and it included one of these soldiers but I’ve now expanded the group quite a bit and have refined my paint scheme a little more.

My normal approach to these heavies was to prime white, throw down a dark wash (Nuln Oil), then dry brush white back up. After those inner parts would finish up, I’d base paint the armor, throw down another wash (Agrax Earthshade) and then detail (edge highlight an finish out the other features of the the model).

This was the result in the beginning and liked the effect and color scheme.

I like what it did to all the white areas and was pretty simple. Base coating the armor was pretty time consuming and would slow the process down.

After going through the airbrush blending tutorial from Lazy Painter, I decided to switch things up and try a new approach. Since it involves base painting the armor up first, I was afraid going back into the details to put the white back in and give it a wash would be just as time consuming but I didn’t actually find that it was the case.

With the white aspects not taking as long as painting all the armor and the airbrushing taking only a little more effort than the previous Prime>Wash>Dry Brush process, I will be pushing forward with this technique from now on.

The main thing I’m debating at this point is whether I want to do any line washing. Likely, it will be the last step and will complete the mini but I need some time to seal the mini first before pushing on.