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Rollin’ Against The Deep

For our Relicblade in Colorado, we decided to just throw down a quick 75 point game instead of continuing with the campaign we can set up earlier through Tabletop Simulator. This meant I’d get to bring the magic of Grey Rock to bear on Sean’s Deep. We rolled for a random mission and got Temple Defense.

Colorado Dreamin’

Summer is coming to a close and I was able to get the kids up to Colorado before school started. We were supposed to go in June but I got COVID so that derailed things and we pushed it to early August (replacing our pilgrimage to Gen Con). We’re still figuring out how to work out the kinks in getting “back to normal.” At the same time, I got a chance to get in some gaming with friends. With me coming back into town, we tried to pull another Cabin Con together but only three of us were available with the late notice and the normal cabin out of commission for renovations, it was more of a jump start to realign.

Relicblade Campaign: Dark Seas, Session 2

After my brutal defeat from the Dark Seas campaign, session 1, the Gnomes of Greyrock are back. Wounds have been properly licked and the meager influence D’Chro was able to wield was banked for future use. Teklin actually went down last session and broke his Quicksilver Bangle so I picked up another one for him. Keltin picked up the trait Decisive Attack and Grenben picked up the trait Forceful Blow. We were ready to begin.

cylcopean ruins, art by Sean Sutter
art by Sean Sutter

Relicblade Campaign: Dark Seas, Session 1

Relicblade is coming up strong right now as we close out July. After a few games in person and on virtual, both Friend Mark and Friend Sean and I have decided to do a campaign (separately, I’ll be doing a campaign with each of them). Due to my limited models and lack of creativity, I’m starting both campaigns with the same load out.

art by Sean Sutter
art by Sean Sutter

Digital Gains

Since I’m playing some Relicblade in Tabletop Simulator, I need proper assets, my assets. This means I need to go back to photogrammetry and start scanning my painted minis and getting them into TTS. Unfortunately, I no longer have a good turntable to shoot my minis on as I left it back in Colorado. Time to get back to work.

A Breakdown In Diplomacy

Having repelled the Deep from their incursion on Greyrock, my gnomish band ventured out into worlds unknown. The Relicblade bug infected my Colorado comrades, causing Friends Sean and Colton to pick up bands of hapless adventurers as well. As they get their models up to snuff for their own engagements, I did an intro game for Sean virtually through the magic of Tabletop Simulator.

A Gnomish Assault

With my band all painted, local Friend Mark and I decided to throw down. I met Mark through all my Infinity league play. When I casually mentioned Relicblade, he said he had been eyeing that game as well and we both bought.

Why Don’t You Come With Me Little Gnome

My Greyrock band is really coming together and all they need is an intelligent leader to guide them to victory. The mage, my Gnome Magister, is no conjurer of cheap tricks. Instead, he is a master of the elements and surfer of the thermal waves. This Magister is a magical extraordinaire who takes to battle in an enchanted flying carpet so he can guide the team from above while dealing with terrible foes with his eldritch might.

The Gnomes Of Greyrock

Having finished up my first Relicblade figure, I knew I wanted a thematic force. Relicblade has a very open and flexible list building system that is more like making an RPG party of disparate adventurers of similar alignment. I didn’t really want to go that route so I eschewed the path of buying a single faction and picked out my force individually. More precisely, I made my own cohesive faction up of only gnomes.

Seeking My Path

I wasn’t joking when I said Taylor’s gift set me down a path. This little gnomish mountaineer got me pushing into the realms of Relicblade. The simple system, low minis count (4-8 minis per side), and game background got me interested in more of the game. But first, time to paint up this little guy and see him in all his glory.

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