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Infinity TTS: Invincible Army Versus Nomad

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The Gang Is All Here

I hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving. In a weirdly apt turn of events, I continued on with my digital model recreations and was able to get a workable army together for some digital Infinity. This digital “family” kind of reminded me of all the digital interactions we’ve been doing since this whole mess began.

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It’s In The Computer

After a third failed attempt at doing Infinity outside and the rising risk levels for COVID-19 again, I’ve resigned to go back to virtual/zoom gaming for the time being. Infinity is on Tabletop Simulator but that brought up a good question from my friends: will you still paint figures? I initially thought “yes, of course” and decided I wouldn’t play with virtual pawns unless I had that figure ready and painted up.

That may seem silly but then I stumbled on the work of Infinity youtuber VaulSC and Dice From Hell and found something amazing.

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A Tale Of Two Zuyongs

The Zuyong Invincibles, heavy infantry main line troops of Infinity’s Yu Jing faction, are one of my favorite unit concepts in the game. I like the idea of a battalion of these heavy armored troops running around taking charge. I started off my collection with the Red Veil starter and it included one of these soldiers but I’ve now expanded the group quite a bit and have refined my paint scheme a little more.

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Infinity N4: N4 Versus Nature

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Paint Masking

Just a quick note on a paint masking technique I ran across when talking to professional house painters.

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Superhero Landing

I know they are bad on the knees but there was a particular model from the Infinity Invincible Army starter that was begging for some custom work- the Liu Xing Jump Infantry.

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Faces Of Krit: Workflow Example

With my catalog of painting faces through Infinity models, I found I had another face to paint up before jumping into a lot of helmeted heavy infantry. I decided it might be fun to show the successive stages of how I was painting faces now, using the LazyPainter technique.

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An Evolution Of Face Paintings

I’ve been painting Infinity for about 18 months now and I recently ran across an interesting site on some new techniques. The LazyPainter has a nice quick guide on painting the skin tones with face painting. I recently adopted the technique and I’m liking the results as I work out my own kinks. I thought I’d explore the results a little to see where I’ve come from and where I’m going.

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Fill My Eyes

After my first game with the Lu Duan holoecho remote, I realized I needed some holoecho markers to confuse my opponents. I don’t have any spare 55mm bases lying around but I do have this 3D printer thingie. Maybe that will work.

with that double vision

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