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New Year, Old West

After finally getting a game in of Dracula’s America while out with Taylor, I saw some glaring holes in my setup and I’m taking the month of January to fix up and “finalize” my whole old west setup. The biggest error was missing the fact that the full game needs bystanders and I had none prepared, not even some languishing unopened in a box or drawer. I promptly ordered what I needed and used the shipping time to fix up some of my terrain as well.

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Learning New Tricks

Things are still unsettled but an end date is upon us and I think I should be all set up by the end of November. I’ve never been a fan of nomadic living (not that I’ve ever really done it) and so it’ll be good to start rooting down again. I mentioned in my last post that Steve Garcia was hosting a marathon painting class and since I had some time today, I wanted to share a bit about the experience.

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A Little Bit Of Work

With my living situation still in flux, I’ve had to get a little creative in how I get in my hobby time. I was able to set up my airbrush in the apartment garage and figured out how to make that work in 95 degree heat. The rest (painting station, crafting area, etc) is just kind of “where I can fit it for easy setup and take-down.” In all of this, the Bromad Academy was running a painting contest that I was very interested in. The theme for the quarter was “Conversions” and I had been kicking around a simple idea for a while. This contest was the catalyst giving me the push I needed.

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Past Efforts

As this transition to life in Texas stretches onward, I’ve struggled to work on anything new. Most of my gaming and hobby time has grind to a halt as we wait for our house to finish up and most of my stuff stuck in storage. There are some signs of light at the end of the tunnel as things look to close in the next couple months. Still a ways to go but soon we’ll measure the time in weeks and days instead of vague months. That being said, I did have some projects I finished up right before the move and was able to carve out some time today to showcase them properly.

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In the latest tale of the “move that never ends,” I flew back to Colorado to get the last bits of house out of storage and drive it almost a thousand miles to Texas. Not one to waste a trip to Colorado, I hooked up with Reese, Colton, and Sean to hit some favorites.

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Moving Ever Onward

My posts recently have dropped off of late but I’m still kicking around. We’re in the process of a complicated and long move which has left little time to post. Things are going well, just very busy and most of my game/hobby material are packed up. I did, however keep some “essentials” out and ready, including my Infinity figures, which allowed me to get in a game near my new locale down in south Texas.

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Blood & Plundering

A while back, friend Colton embarked on a new frontier: Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games. This mostly historical miniatures skirmish game was talked about a lot but being the only owner in the group, there was not a lot of initiative to get it together and push it on his fellow gamers. Flash forward to now and his minis are painted, his terrain is set, and friend Colton is spoiling for a fight.

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While things aren’t completely back to normal, I was able to get in another game of Warcry. Same lists again this time: my box-standard group of Untamed Beasts vs Colton’s box-standard group of Splintered Fang.

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Mammoth Undertakings

In Warhammer Age of Sigmar, there is a legendary model produced by the Games Workshop partner, Forge World that I always considered way out of reach for my fledgling bout into the Slaves to Darkness faction. The Chaos War Mammoth is a massive model and carries an equally heavy price point at around $300 because it is discontinued. It was costly even before it was discontinued so it was never really in the cards for me to use.

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The Long Road To War

I’ve been watching Warcry (the Games Workship, Age of Sigmar skirmish game) from afar for a long time. I first played a demo at GenCon almost 2 years ago. Then I jumped in early last year by picking up the Untamed Beasts faction. During the painting binges of 2020, I also printed out and painted terrain as well as finished up painting the models as well. And now almost a year after completing all of that, I got in my first game.

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