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Towering Above

With scatter terrain, vegetation, docks, and even a villa ready, my Blood & Plunder board is coming together. I’m looking for a few more large pieces to place around and found a great looking tower to add.

Dock Time

Getting the vegetation covered for my table, I want to have a way to get my crew back on shore from their boats. That means docks and boats.

Scenic Life

With my first land terrain piece done for Blood & Plunder, I moved on to scatter terrain and smaller items. I knew I wanted the standard Caribbean palm trees but there is then the question of storage. I decided I needed to print my own tree bases and would use cheap plastic trees to plug-n-play.

Land Ho!

Along with ships and sea battles, Blood & Plunder allows for land battles like I originally played in and “amphibious” battles that combine land and sea rules. Before I can do any of those, I need to up my land terrain game.

Legitimate Salvage

As we explore more of Blood & Plunder, it was inevitable that we would expand to bigger boats. My Austin opponent went there first by printing out a frigate model from Printable Scenery. Unfortunately, the print warped severely and was not very usable without a ton of work. He moved on to easier options but offered up the pieces to see what I could do with them.

Finally Getting My Red On

I’ve always like red in games. If a player color option is available to choose, red is the one I grab. When first hearing of Infinity and checking out the army options, Nomads were my first choice because their stock scheme was red. I didn’t end up playing Nomads but got my chance to “choose red” when going for my T’au Kill Team.

Kill Team Ruins

Along with the work I did on Blood & Plunder, I also pushed through my Kill Team set. I had originally bought the Ork and Guardsmen starter but always wanted to try out T’au. The T’au + Sisters set came out so I immediately pivoted to them instead. As usual, I started with the terrain.

Storing The Black

One of the big challenges I realized when putting together the Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black set was storage. You have minis and tokens and rulebooks and cards and dice which are normal. But then you have these ships with fragile masts and delicate sails. They aren’t all that fragile but they can’t be just thrown back into a box so I needed to improvise.

Witching Hour

With the Prologue ready for testing, I jumped in and did the first run through to see where the theoretical failed and the real game began.

Developing The Prologue

With the name Valor: Bloodlines set, I feel like the game is gaining legitimacy in my mind. The concepts are coming together and I’m going beyond core mechanics to the actual shaping of the game and its overall narrative. I have the sketches of both the beginning of this adventure and its end in mind so I’ll begin with the game’s prologue: The Witch Hunt

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