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Going To Be A Long Summer

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Dropzone Commander: Special Ops Scenario 4

I have finished up the draft of scenario 4 and ran it through some paces to make sure it initially works as expected. I had to tweak a few things but I’m happy with the final result. And of course I needed to mix up my board some more to fit the new scenario layout.

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Dropzone Commander: Special Ops Scenario 3 (500th Post!)

Yep 500. A good bit of that was due to a spike in April as I did those micro posts on my painting challenge but still 500 seems like a good bit of verbiage for this little site. And yet I feel like there is so much more to say, to pimp out, and to play.

The April paint challenge didn’t sap my desire to paint more minis (thankfully) and I got to work on a little Dropzone Commander Scourge unit, the Screamer.

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Dropzone Commander: Special Ops Campaign Play

With my rules out there on BGG and in the Dropzone Commander Community Facebook page, I thought I’d go over my campaign rules a little bit. The DZC: Special Ops has the guidelines and a Company Roster so we’ll start there.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 30

Well we’re finally here on day 30, the end of the challenge. Nothing too exciting as I just started a big project painting up Archaon the Everchosen, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 29

With Infinity done I still have a lot of minis vying for attention but I turn now to one model that I thought would be the focus of this challenge until I got distracted by Infinity and ended eating up most of the month finishing up.

This model is something I’ve had for months and was probably the biggest catalyst for me to branch out into a new game system. I’d hidden him from view from my friends as I wanted to surprise them when I showed up with this badass on the field…

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Dropzone Commander: Special Ops

The distraction of my Paint Challenge had slowed down my progress on my Dropzone Commander solo variant but I’m happy to say I’m ready to push on. I’ve put together art for the cards, written the rules and first scenario, put together the rules in their own layout.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 28

Last few days of my challenge left and day 28 sees the final Infinity figure complete. Fat Yuan Yuan is ready to be sealed and officially added to the collection.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 27

This may have been the hardest day yet. I really had to push to get going on a paint task today and only started it with 30 minutes left in the day. After I got going, I went for about an hour but I’ll still count it all under this day.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 26

Well the weekend didn’t quite go as planned and I’m still plodding along trying to finish up my last Infinity figure. I’ve made some headway but it is slow going as other projects I’ve let languish are vying for attention. More on those later but tonight I have a little more progress on my Fat Yuan Yuan.

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