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Building the Future

I talked about getting a CNC Machine a while back and detailed my start at putting it together.  I have made a lot of progress since then and will catch you up.

I had already built the Y-axis that will serve as the main bed for all the machining.  Now it is time to build the Z-axis plate that will hold the router/spindle and have the machine rise up and down.

The front side then holds the router clamp.

I forgot some bolts so I had to run out to Ace Hardware and grab some extras to attach the router clamp.

Next, we have the X-axis plate.  This will attach to the Z-axis plate and both will travel on rails across the top of the machine.

I attached the Z-axis motor and the Z-axis plate to the X-axis plate.  Then can the hardest part of the whole project, threading the Z-axis belt in between both plates and around the various pulleys and motor drives.

Next, we have the axis plates set on the horizontal rail and the the sides of the machine.

At this point, it’s really starting to take shape.

And with this, the machine is complete.  I still have a ways to go with setting up the electronic components but the motors are all set up and the chip board is attached.  The belts were particularly tricky as they kept tracking up and off the pulleys but after a few conversations with the Millwright team, we figured it out by cutting some aluminum shims out and re-aligning the pulleys to square things up.  Yay for soda cans to use as cheap aluminum shims.

A friend has an old laptop he’s letting me borrow so when that is ready, I’ll start setting up the programming side of the machine and we’ll be ready to start actually cutting projects soon!

Walking Dead COMIC Wednesday: Group Effort

Welcome back to this month’s Walking Dead COMIC Wednesday! I have a super-sized issue for you this week as we explore the next chapter in the Days Gone Bye expansion:

Chapter 2: Ready to Roll

If you missed the previous issue, you can find it it my Comics link in the top menu.

Batman Miniature Game: Frank Miller Batman vs Jared Leto Joker

Well my friend and I pushed and we were able to get some paint on some models, slap together a “demo” squad of 150 reputation (“points” in this game), and get a learning game done.

Above is my Joker (Leto) and Eyeball Man henchman team.

Ready to take on Frank Miller’s Batman and some GCPD lackeys.

We set up an impromptu board and did the first scenario of the main game book: A Chance Encounter.

Gotham’s finest makes his way into the street, walking his normal beat.

While Joker and Eyeball Man are on the prowl for a score.

Gotham’s Finest finds a peculiar puzzle on the ground. Being an expert at the daily crossword, he quickly solves it not realizing that that puzzle was meant for the Joker himself.

Eyeball Man jumps into action and sprays the officer for a couple of damage.

Clearly outmatched, the officer calls in back-up.  Agent Ron is the closest to the scene and arrives just in time…

…to watch Eyeball Man light up his comrade and knock him out in a hail of gunfire.

Joker, the sadistic thug he is, runs over and puts the poor officer out his misery.

Batman arrives seconds too late.

And in his haste, totally whiffs his first attack.

Surprised by the sudden appearance of the Dark Knight, Eyeball Man flees and opens up on Batman only to whiff as well.

Batman then takes the fight to Joker and beats the hell out of him in one round.

One more hit and the Joker is out, which will likely cause Eyeball Man to flee the scene.

Winning initiative for the round let’s Joker dash up and run to the sewers to hide out the rest of the encounter.

Batman isn’t through yet though and rushes Eyeball Man.

Dealing exactly the justice this scumbag deserves, KO-ing Eyeball Man.

The night ends with one of Joker’s goons in custody but the big man himself is nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, that means it was too little, too late for Batman as Joker wins the round (14 VP to 12 VP) and continues on with his diabolical plan.

So a lot of great things in this miniatures game and we had a lot of fun.  We totally messed up the first few turns forgetting that you can’t allocate more move counters to your character than their actual move value.  This had our characters running all over the map in the beginning.  We corrected it on about round 3 and things went smoother after that.

There seems to be a learning curve on this due to all the little keywords each character has so our game ran pretty long as we constantly were checking rules. This should get better as we play more and we’ll likely make better cheat sheets for next time.

For next time, we plan on taking it simple and expanding our current force to 200 reps (points).  I’m already working on finishing up these two models and adding my third to get me close to 200.

I’m Batman. Miniature Game

As I posted in my 6×6 Game Challenge, one of the games I want to hit as part of the challenge is the Batman Miniature Game.  I have the new Suicide Squad box set to get going and it comes with an interesting campaign that I’m hoping to run through. Before all that can start, I have some work to do.

I cleaned and assembled the first half of the set with the Joker’s squad and Batman.  My friend has already started getting his Batman squad ready so we can start learning the game so I figured I’d start out with his main adversary.

The Grin Brothers were fairly easy though those hands on the brother on the left were a little dodgy in trying to glue in properly.

Panda Man is probably my favorite character out of all of them. Luckily he was really easy to assemble.

Harley was pretty easy to assemble as well.

Eyeball Man was a little harder as his arms and gun created a triangle of points between the shoulders and the holding of the gun. I couldn’t get them to fit perfectly so I used greenstuff to fill in the shoulder gaps.

The Goat Head had the same issue except the hand on the gun was sculpted to the gun piece instead of the arm, making it even more important to get the triangulation correct.  I didn’t get it perfect, as you can see, so more greenstuff to fill the gaps at the shoulder again.

And then we get to Joker (Leto). He should have been super simple but his left arm had a really bad miscast at the shoulder joint. This required a bit more greenstuff than usual and I had “texturize” the rebuilt area (largely unsuccessfully).  I think it’ll be fine for tabletop but a little disappointing at first.

The weather was nice enough so I primed the group after I filled the base slot with Greenstuff.

Joker (Leto) worked out well enough with his custom shoulder.

And the gaps in Eyeball Man’s shoulders are pretty much gone.

Finally, I had time to work on the beginning paint jobs in anticipation of our first game. It was interesting to jump back into color painting after being exclusively b/w for the last few months.

Our game will be a 150 rep (AKA points in the Batman Miniature Game) list as a learning game which also makes it easy to start fielding some painted (or in my case, almost painted) forces. We don’t have any real terrain to match quite yet except what comes in the Suicide Squad starter but we’ll make it work.  If the game goes well, we’ll start investing in more suitable terrain.

Walking Dead Wednesdays: Farm Scenery

Stewart Gibbs is a studio manager at Mantic Games and answers questions on Facebook for The Walking Dead: All Out War.  I was going through one of the threads and Stewart was kind enough to give details on the scenery for the next three expansions.  I don’t recall exactly what thread his comments were in but I did save them for future reference:

For the farm, you’ll need 6 fences around 3″ long, a tractor, a barn around 6″ by 8″, and 4 hay bales.

For the prison, you’ll need 5 chain link fences around 4″ long – that’s it for the prison as the rest is the internal corridors which are printed on the mat. You could build a 3D one to match, but you’ll need to wait for the actual mat if you want to match sizes etc.

For Woodbury, you’ll need 2 smoke clouds about 3″ across, 4 lamp posts, 6 stakes for walkers to be tied to in the arena, and a tank around 7″ by 4″. The rest of the Woodbury stuff is four houses, all printed on the mat. They must be small enough that there’s room on a 20″ mat to have a street between them, and space between and behind them for models to move. They can have a few rooms in each, but all of them must have at least one 75mm square room that is used for certain objective overlays.

Having finished up my scenery needs for the Core Set and Days Gone Bye expansion, any lead time to create scenery now for the new expansions helps get that content to the table quicker.

With that in mind, I went on a search for hay bails. I found some recommendations on making your own but I don’t have time for that.  Instead, I found some O-gauge model train terrain at Hobby Lobby and gave it a try.

I was skeptical about the size so here is the direct comparison.

They are a little smaller than real life rolled bails but they get the point across. The square ones are pretty much spot on though.

They are really light so I tacked them down with thumbtacks and double sided tape so when I sprayed them, they wouldn’t go flying all over and make a mess.

Pretty easy and if you have a coupon, you can get these for about $6 plus tax.  A lot of sellers have them on eBay as well so if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you or they don’t stock these, you can try that outlet as well.  The company makes quite a few different kinds of natural scenery and I saw some dried cornstalks that might go great for the Greene family farm expansion.

In other news, I bit the bullet and went all-in getting the comics.

This won’t catch me up with the current issues but is better than me stealing some reads off my friend’s copy and I find that they are a great reference for terrain and scenarios.

Speaking of comics, I’m finishing up my next issue of The Real Adventures of Rick and Glenn.  This one is running a bit longer than my first session but I still hope to have it out next week.  Here are some shots of my set up.

And for closer shots

The game board is on a large homemade lazy susan so that I can get different angles without having to mess with the black backdrop.  Timeline and Bananagrams work well as a DIY steady platform. The exposure times on some of the high depth-of-field shots run in upwards of 10 seconds so a stable platform is pretty essential.  One of these days I’ll get better lighting for this too.

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