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Walking Dead Wednesday: Horsin’ Around

Another busy week so I didn’t get to work up anything new but did manage another Pit scenario.  This time I take a look back at a custom creation of mine: Horse.

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Walking Dead Wednesday: Pit Stop

I was finally able to get back on track with Liam and his ever-looming date with The Pit.

Since I was behind, I have an extra survivor’s Pit story in today as well.  Beware a mother’s wrath…

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Walking Dead Wednesday: Liam Gains Another Week

Life has really kicked into gear lately leaving me with very little time to game or pimp out things. Sadly, that means still no Pit this week but I did finish up the next victim, Liam.

Not much to say about this poor chap.  He gets two, maybe three panels in the entire Walking Dead series and didn’t seem like he was that bad of a guy. Now if only I could get some time to throw him in The Pit to see how he fares.  Maybe next week, Liam.

Walking Dead Wednesday: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

This week is a little bit of a change up.  I didn’t have time to run The Pit this week so I’ll have to do a double dose for next week.  I was, however, able to finish up a little side project with an extra truck miniature I picked up with the Collector’s Edition.

I already have two of these painted up so I wanted to do something a little different with a third open and, as I said just Monday, I’m really in to lighting things up. But first I need to see what is under the hood.

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Walking Dead Wednesday: The Quick And The Dead

Nothing new on the painting front for Walking Dead: All Out War this week but I did catch a whiff of something beyond wave four on the horizon: The Governor’s Fish Tanks in another Resin kit.

Looks like it was accidentally leaked by a store in their preview entries and a Facebook user caught it. Eventually Steward Gibbs of Mantic confirmed the release and provided the above image.

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Walking Dead Wednesday: Tiger, Tiger…

…Burning bright,
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

-William Blake

Rawr! It’s Shiva painting time!

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Walking Dead Wednesday (Evening Edition): Pit Buddies

Alright, so with my new Sniper variant underway, I wanted to break for a little bit before hitting up my next session of The Pit.

This time, we’re going to throw in another twofer (Pit be hungry, yo) with Billy & Ben.

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Walking Dead Wednesday: More Bang For Your Buck

I know I do a Wednesday Walking Dead update but Mantic’s Blog is dedicating a whole week to Walking Dead: All Out War so go check it out for previews on the Wave 4 releases and hopefully some “beyond Wave 4” news. Wave 4 isn’t the only thing getting showcased this week as I have version 1.0 of my first AI enemy for Walking Dead ready for use:

Please note: I do not own the rights to these images as they are Mantic Game’s card art and Image and Skybound’s Walking Dead IP.  These are only intended for home and personal use.

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Walking Dead Wednesday: Family Day At The Pit

Thanks to Facebook poster, William Cuthbertson had an interesting suggestion to run a parent/child combo into The Pit. I liked the idea so I grabbed Morgan and Duane and started to set them up.  I soon realized that this Pit session wouldn’t be complete unless the whole family was involved.

Mrs. Morgan wasn’t expecting the spotlight so she had to go under makeup.

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Walking Dead Wednesday: Carl Grimes, Trainee Sharpshooter

Welcome back, Walking Dead fans! I didn’t get to paint up a new survivor but the show must go on and The Pit is hungry. So without further adieu, I have Carl Grimes, Trainee Sharpshooter taking on The Pit.

It’s Ladies’ night Carl. Hope you can handle it.

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