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House Con – Dallas

Back in May, I got the chance to head out to Friend Taylor again and throw down some more games. It was a good time and I got to see a few new games of interest. We usually focus on miniatures games but this time, the time was 50/50 board games.

The Taming Of Little Church Act III

For the third and final act of my Dracula’s America solo campaign, Little Church has been swayed by the fire and brimstone preachings of Father Meindrach. He has swayed some of the town that these new heroes are nothing more but Godless heathens come to bring them under a new and terrible yoke. It’ll be up to Wyatt and his posse to weather this day of wrath and end Meindrach’s misguided teachings.

The Trial Of Billy Buckner

I’m still working on the Dracula’s America posse builder as friend Reese offered to help run some validation in the file. He’s already finished it, I’m just behind in checking it over. In the mean time, I set up Act II of my solo campaign and gave it a run through to figure out if I need to make any tweaks.

Building A Better Posse

Originally, when I started back up this year, I thought I’d try something new and focus on one thing each month and then move to something else. I tried to move on from the work I’d done with my Dracula’s America collection but every time I went to move to a new game or project, my thoughts would return to all the other stuff I didn’t get done. I soon realized that fighting my nature would only lead me to stall out when I very much want to push forward so I’m going to run this Dracula’s America course until my horse collapses out from under me. To that end, onward for more Old West miniature stuff and Dracula’s America!

Tying It All Together

We’re nearing the end of January and with it, the dusty winds of Little Church will blow through and push me on to next month’s project. But before we leave this dry patch of sepia-tinted earth, I have one last thing to do: Play! Of course, last month I had the chance to put it all on the table but I wasn’t quite ready. With everything I’ve done now, I want to get in a good show before I move on. With no opponents around, I jumped into a solo game.

Interior Design

I’m nearing the end of my plans for my Old West set and the specifics I’m creating for Dracula’s America. I have a few last items I want to wrap up before the end of the month to close the book on this project so that it can pull out and play at a moments notice. One of those items is finishing up the interior of my buildings.

Card Play

In playing the one intro game of Dracula’s America, there was one little thing bothering me. To activate, both players play a playing card from a draw of cards that reset at the top of each round. A lot of games use cards, and specifically standard playing cards, to determine an activation order but I’ve seen a few new iterations that I’ve been enjoying. Unfortunately, Dracula’s America uses a very simple mechanic. While this isn’t bad, I think there is a big missed opportunity here.

Good Decent Folk

Working more on my old west terrain and figures, I was able to work up my bystander miniatures. Wanting to stay in the same style and scale as my current minis, I ordered five bystanders from Knuckduster’s Gunfighter’s Ball line of minis.

New Year, Old West

After finally getting a game in of Dracula’s America while out with Taylor, I saw some glaring holes in my setup and I’m taking the month of January to fix up and “finalize” my whole old west setup. The biggest error was missing the fact that the full game needs bystanders and I had none prepared, not even some languishing unopened in a box or drawer. I promptly ordered what I needed and used the shipping time to fix up some of my terrain as well.

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