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Happy Thanksgiving!

While totally unrelated to Thanksgiving or game pimping, I’ll use this moment of well-wishing to post something completely different: Annular Eclipse photos from October this year. Enjoy that turkey!

Raising The Black

Even though I have not bought new miniatures this year, it takes a while for old kickstarter purchases to come in. One such venture was Firelock Games’ Raise the Black campaign for Blood & Plunder. I’d played a few games with Friend Colton’s forces and decided this kickstarter would be a great entry. I got in late so I didn’t have to wait years like those that originally went into the campaign but it still took time to get things.

As Winter Turns To…

Fall? Wow, the time is just going. I must be getting old because Spring and Summer are just gone. I’m still kicking around doing what I do but things have gone more hectic as the kids get older. I think I need to transition to shorter posts so that I don’t backlog some long event and then never get to posting it.

Lazy Sunday

For the first time in a while, my entire weekend was free. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really go anywhere so I decided to break out a project that has been on the backburner for the past couple of weeks: a custom d20 dice tower.

Witching Hour

With the Prologue ready for testing, I jumped in and did the first run through to see where the theoretical failed and the real game began.

Valor: Bloodlines

So there we have it, the working title of my monster hunting game. I’ve been gravitating towards “Valor” for some time but felt like the name needed a little so a subtitle was added. I actually got the idea because of what I wanted to touch on today: death.

A Hunting I Will Go

With a lot of the basics out of the way, I put my Monster Hunting game to the table to give it a spin. I have the outline of the scenario for the Werewolf mission and enough small tests to understand the combat mechanics but it is different seeing it all come together.

Monstrous Behavior

We’ve seen how the hero will operate in my game so now it is time to take a look at how the enemies behave. In solo games that I’ve played, I usually see two extremes where either the enemies have a very simple “seek and destroy” routine or highly complex set of routines that are “if-then” dependent or randomized in cards or the App’s operating system. I think both can work well but it depends on the game’s other factors to see it come together and make for a great game experience.

Preparing For Battle

My first goal in any design endeavor is to get rules to the table as soon as possible. Normally this means slapping random physical assets together to just get the bare minimum across and see if the game concepts even work. There is no point in creating beautiful layouts and printing cards or assets that may undergo radical changes during the development process. That being said… I did paint up the minis needed for my first test.

Sketching And Testing

With the design bug deeply embedded and noshing on my brain juices, I started working on the main concepts for my monster hunting game. Back in the early years of attending Gen Con, I frequently attended the convention’s various design seminars and starting all this pulls up memories from more than a decade ago. It was a fun time of doing my own designs that never seemed to go anywhere but were completed all the same. I envision a similar fate to this venture but this is one of the few exceptions where I enjoy the journey more than the destination.

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