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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 4

A short 45 minute session tonight, adding the green (actually “wizard orb” from Army Painter) accent to several of the recent Infinity figures.

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April 30 for 30 Paint Challenge: Day 3

And the orange continues! A little over 2 hours tonight to burn through the rest of my Infinity minis that need a little orange love.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 on my 30 minutes of painting for 30 days brings more orange armor brigade. This time with the smallest of my Infinity minis- the little tinbot B.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 1

First up for my 30 minutes (at least) of painting for 30 days is the Yan Huo from Infinity.

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Too Soon?

from Knight Models’ Facebook page

Yes. Yes it is.

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Slowly But Surly

I’m not really surly but it is Pirate weekend (Pirate talkin’ was actually Thursday but a lot of the festivities show up on the weekend) and I thought it fitting. Especially because I was combing through my collection looking at Pirate-themed gaming options when I stumbled on my copy of Merchant & Marauders.

This old Z-man game got a lot of attention and was well liked by my group but it disappeared and never came out again. Looking back through the box, I realized why.

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Gen Con Recap 2019: Day 2

With Day 1 of Gen Con down, my main dealer hall day comes up and I have several games I want to see in action to judge if they are shelf-worthy.

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Gen Con Recap 2019: Day 1

Like every year, I think I’ll have time during the show to update things but that never happens. The convention is just too busy and entertaining to stop and post so as I settle back into to post-Con life, I get the energy to recapture the magic before too much of the memories fade. Because my photos are in order, it’s easiest to just go through things each day.

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CabinCon Infinity, Or How To Spoil Things

While I only played a small part of one game of Infinity at CabinCon, playing just one model in between two warring factions was pretty fun. There was very little risk or reward for me but it was a wildcard for Sean and Colton playing the full scenario. I tried not to play spoiler or kingmaker and really just play more character driven. This led to some imbalance as I started picking on Colton’s units that kept aggro-ing me but it was still a fun little skirmish.

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CabinCon 2019

Our annual gathering , CabinCon, happened this past weekend with four of us making the initial trek up the mountains this year. Sean, Colton, Reese, and I got things settled upon arrival and immediately jumped into some gaming. We kicked things off with a game that caught my eye in a living room full of game boxes and tubs: Meeple Circus.

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