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Category: Kill Team 2021

Finally Getting My Red On

I’ve always like red in games. If a player color option is available to choose, red is the one I grab. When first hearing of Infinity and checking out the army options, Nomads were my first choice because their stock scheme was red. I didn’t end up playing Nomads but got my chance to “choose red” when going for my T’au Kill Team.

Kill Team Ruins

Along with the work I did on Blood & Plunder, I also pushed through my Kill Team set. I had originally bought the Ork and Guardsmen starter but always wanted to try out T’au. The T’au + Sisters set came out so I immediately pivoted to them instead. As usual, I started with the terrain.

Kill Team Second Chance

Kill Team got a revamp in the second half of 2021 and from the changes I was hearing, GW got my attention again. I did not have a good go at Kill Team 2018 as the rules just didn’t seem like something I’d like when I demoed it at a Warhammer store and then the terrible demo job I experienced at Gen Con a few months later nailed the coffin tight. But that is all in the past. Let’s see what got me back on the Kill Train.

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