For 2018, I’ve decided to make it a two-part challenge:

Part 1: play 100+ games of The Duke/The Jarl. Since I won’t be writing up session reports with any consistency, I’ll instead use a tracking graphic below:

Count: 2 games  Last game played: Jan 3rd

Part 2: Play 100+ different games.  I’ll define a “different game” as one that is unique enough to not be considered an expansion of the base game.  While this doesn’t solve edge cases, I’ll make those calls as I play but it likely means I won’t count multiple plays of games from the same “family” like Ticket to Ride vs Ticket to Ride: Europe or like the above Duke/Jarl.

Game 3:

Game 2: The Walking Dead: All Out War- January 4th

Game 1: The Duke- January 3rd