In Dr. Feitmarr’s press release, the new vampires were doing well. Checking back in and the group has swelled in numbers dramatically.

I decided to step back and show a little bit on what/how I was turning these Scourge weapons back to their natural order. After prepping the models, I really just concentrated on the most obvious Scourge additions, namely their multiple optical organs and their acid spraying throat addition.

Two quick cuts with a sprue cutter and you can get rid of the unnecessary sprayer.

Followed by an easy cut across the raised head to remove the eyes. After the removal, the metal minis can be quickly reshaped with a simple flat hobby file. I tended to try to round off any harsh edges as I filed down newly cut pieces. I had picked up eight more Vampires for Fauna rules (currently only in version 1.1 of the ruleset) so it was just a mindless task of cutting and filing to fix all the figures.

I know there are a lot of haters on metal minis but one of the cool things with this model was I could customize the shapes of the wings to make the static sculpt more unique and organic. When all was said and done I think I had about 4-5 different wing patterns to bring to the group. This was important since I was going to have up to twelve models available. 12 tanks are fine to look uniform and consistent but organic models really need their variety.

The paint job was super simple as well. Prime white, cover in GW’s contast Basalicanum Grey then followed by their Carroburg Crimson shade on the wings. Very easy and effective.

With so many vampires that have no real place in the game as I’m not using them for a Scourge army (which I don’t have), no rules for Feral Vampires in the latest v2.1 ruleset, I turned back to the fluff of the first edition and found some inspiration.

The original first edition fluff talked about the species nesting in the tallest buildings so I decided to take a shot at making them a nest. Turning to Fussion 360, I made a passable nest attachment that works with any of my cardboard buildings. The design was pretty simple and mainly drew inspiration from wasp nests.

Liquid Greenstuff from GW stippled on can help smooth out the print lines and add some texturing to the model to help make it look less manufactured.

And then priming it in a dark brown gave me a turd. Lovely. A bunch of time modeling and printing to realize that I just recreated a massive piece of poo.

Some highlighing in a light tan and some more Carroburg Crimson give the piece a bit more character and a more fitting “nest” look.

Now I have a unique addition to the Ruined City and an easy way to add in some deployment rules for Feral Vampires roaming the city, harassing players as they try to achieve mission objectives.