With scatter terrain, vegetation, docks, and even a villa ready, my Blood & Plunder board is coming together. I’m looking for a few more large pieces to place around and found a great looking tower to add.

This tower comes from Iain Lovecraft’s Treasure Island collection and will work for several purposes.

The tower prints up in three large sections and can stack or be glued together permanently. I chose to keep them all separate as the top layer can serve as a make shift defense bunker.

To paint this up, I primed black and then base coated with Typhon Ash. I airbrushed this base color everywhere and then used Citadel Contrast Wyldwood for all the dark wood pieces.

After that, I used some Nuln Oil to pick out the stone details and some of the deeper cracks in the tower structure.

One thing I forgot to do was sand down the base layer edge on the middle tower section as my printer prints with a slight lip on that first layer making it wider than it should. I can fix this in the slicer settings but haven’t messed with it yet. So instead, I have a little more post-print finishing work to do and forgot about this one. I decided to leave it since I’d already finished most of it by the time I noticed it.

Overall, the piece is great and adds a second large structure to my growing terrain set. I have one more large piece to finish off my land terrain and I’ll go over that next.