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Walking Dead Wednesday: Hammer Time!

To help focus my painting, I’ve decided to look at some themed Pit run-throughs. We’ve already seen that with my “kids night” session last week but this time I’m going to focus on figures with a particular weapon.

I’d already previewed these models last week but I figured it was time to try out this new series titled “who wielded it best.”  These next few sessions will showcase the hammer wielders Clementine and Tyreese.

Up first is Clementine.

At 72 total points, she’s a little under the 75 point threshold but has a lot of her iconic equipment. Her main weapon is the Claw Hammer with a supplemental Kitchen Knife. With her Adaptable ability, she’ll be throwing a potent 1 white, 2 red dice melee attack with 2 dice rerolls. In her obligatory Backpack, she has a Keepsake and Lucky Charm for more dice shenanigans.  To end this little powerhouse, she is sporting some Makeshift Body Armor.

The lights flicker on, blinding Clementine as she gets to her feet. As her eyes adjust, the stark room comes into focus centering on the blood scrawled message in the center of the room: “SURVIVE.” Before she can even think about the cryptic message, Clementine sees the walkers.  With no discernible way out, the message becomes crystal clear as the dead start to notice they too are no longer alone…

Clementine knows the clock is against her with only a medium nerve value so she runs to the first stash token and draws the ire of Walker Duane.

Not being as brave as she thought she’d be, she yelps out in horror at Walker Duane’s dead eyes draws over another friend.

Not one to really be shaken by all this, Clementine executes a walkoff double tap with the help of her lucky keepsake necklace. Bam! Bam! Down goes two walkers.

Things are starting off well for Clementine as an unexpected double team turns into a double kill.

Searching the stash, she finds a mediocre weapon and stows it in the backpack.

After her stash score, Clementine sneaks over to girl walker.

And promptly dispatches the pint-sized walker.  Even with The Hunger pull, by closing to the board edge, one-armed skank walker wasn’t able to reach Clementine and she was free to brain her target with ease. With the double rerolls, Clementine can really fish for headshots.

Using her stash-running technique, Clementine runs to the next stash and lets herself draw a walker in for the kill.

The Roamers event draws in Duane’s mom.

But Clementine beats them down easily.  She didn’t quite get another double tap but it’s enough to end the situation.

And she is still doing alright on threat.  Unless an event trips her up, she’ll stay in Low Threat territory for the next card.

Clementine pulls a useless ammo reload.

Then does another stash run to attract Penny walker.

Clementine seems to excel at killing small walkers. She obliterates Penny Walker and had some oomph leftover to take down another walker as well.

A harsh Too Quiet event pull puts her right to edge of Medium threat.  Clementine will have one round to get as much done as possible before the panic starts to set in.

Her last stash is a Two-by-Four and she tosses the ammo for another mediocre weapon.

Then promptly engages the last walker only to be on the receiving end of a Feeding Frenzy.

Which totally pisses off Clementine and she finishes what she started on Duane’s Mom a few turns earlier.  Six walkers down in five rounds, the is some epic level walker bashing as Clementine shows you how to just completely own The Pit.

With the last walker destroyed, Clementine hears a faint click and notice behind them that a door has opened, lancing the room with a thin stream of light. Without hesitation, Clementine runs through the door into the blinding light…

Clementine – Hall Fame Member and new Queen of The Pit!
  • Result: Escaped…
  • Threat Counter: 14
  • Rounds: 5
  • Supply Counters Searched: 3
  • Walkers Killed: 6

Interestingly enough, this is how Clementine was stored:

Maybe Axel was passing along some tactical advice during their downtime?


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