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Walking Dead Wednesday: Horsin’ Around

Another busy week so I didn’t get to work up anything new but did manage another Pit scenario.  This time I take a look back at a custom creation of mine: Horse.

I made Horse almost a year ago (man, has it been that long??) as an alternative to having only mounted options in the game.  I gave him stats and put together some restrictive rules all before Mantic released the rules for the only legit creature in the game, Shiva.

I could have given some items to Horse but it seemed weird as the “pack” is intended to supplement the horse item card’s ability to add more items to a survivor’s carry limit.  With 5 health and a white/red melee, Horse should fare about as well as some of the weaker survivors.

The lights flicker on. Horse’s tail flits nervously as the smell of blood and rot fills his nostrils. Feeling more on edge, Horse stamps at the ground impatiently.  With the abominations slowly turning towards him, Horse let’s out a panicked wicker as the dead silently approach…

Horse really doesn’t have a clue what to do here. He’s stuck in a room with walkers and without predator instincts, decides to Chuck Norris this crap and just wait.

Yep… just a waitin’.

Watchin’ the time go by.

Luckily, the event deck made Horse’s decision easy and he whinnied like a baby colt “new shoe” day.

This finally got the locals involved and was probably the perfect time to hoof stomp Diner Walker in the face but Horse must have been too shaken to really get in on the action.

Marching right along, we finish round 2 comfortably in the low threat zone.  This will likely be Horse’s last round before the real panic starts to set in.

Horse really doesn’t want to stay near Diner Walker so trots out to the center for safety. Unfortunately, no matter how far he goes, those hooves make enough noise to pull Diner back to him.

And then all the walkers decide to conga-line to Horse.

This could have been much worse but it’s really not bad with only three walkers.

Horse decides to get into it a bit more.  Maybe he just needed a warmup to figure out how his power hooves (patent pending) worked.

What the hell!? Those walkers really had it in for Horse.  Even with his nice roll, that is five damage.

Damn, horse burgers for everyone I guess.


  • Result: dead-not-sleeping
  • Threat Counter: 7
  • Rounds: 3
  • Supply Counters Searched: 0
  • Walkers Killed: 0


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  1. Mark

    Interesting game…..how did you make the horse’s card?

    • Christian

      Thanks! I used Photoshop and Illustrator from a scanned card. It was before Shiva was out so I just trimmed off the sides to remove the additional slots.

  2. Russ Spears

    This may well be my favorite Pit episode. Horse. I didn’t know about Horse somehow.

    • Christian

      Ha! I like how you like the worst survivor result to grace the Pit. 🙂

      • Russ Spears

        It’s more about how you honestly play solo games – with the play how a horse (not Rambo Horse) would play through.

        And who would throw a horse into the Pit? Genius!

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