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Walking Dead Wednesday: Family Day At The Pit

Thanks to Facebook poster, William Cuthbertson had an interesting suggestion to run a parent/child combo into The Pit. I liked the idea so I grabbed Morgan and Duane and started to set them up.  I soon realized that this Pit session wouldn’t be complete unless the whole family was involved.

Mrs. Morgan wasn’t expecting the spotlight so she had to go under makeup.

After a quick paint job, she was ready for her closeup.

Carl set the bar pretty high so let’s get Morgan and Duane ready.  The 75 point maximum doesn’t leave a lot of room to go on so I put together some equipment that works logically with the figures.  Duane gets his mighty Shovel while Morgan gets a Hatchet and Kitchen Knife. Hopefully Morgan got his wife a nice kitchen set unlike Dale’s untimely dull set.

The lights flicker on, blinding Duane as he gets to his feet. As his eyes adjust, he hears his father, Morgan from the across the room. His dad sounds worried, “it’s gonna be okay, son.  We’ll get out of this…”

The stark room comes into focus centering on the blood scrawled message in the center of the room: “SURVIVE.” Before he can even think about the cryptic message, Duane sees the walkers.  With no discernible way out, the message becomes crystal clear as the dead start to notice they too are no longer alone…

Duane is pretty brave for a kid but this room is too much.

His ass runs to back to papa.

Dad comes in but both father and son are engaged.

Then shit hits the fan in the first round as the Herd event shows up.

Drawing everyone to the dance floor.  Hope you know how to use that shovel, Duane.

Morgan needs no prep and just starts caving in walker skulls.

And Duane somehow gets out of that one alive. Since he “won” the combat, he gets to take a swing with his bludgeoning shovel to try to knock some walkers to the dirt.

He knocks mama to the ground!

Only to see everyone stand back up.

End of the first round and the threat meter says “3” but I’d say it was quite a bit higher.

Duane and Dad decide to stock up and try to get a breather.  Duane gets a great pull and they are miraculously just his size!

Morgan gets a decent pull as well.  Hopefully they won’t need these.

Morgan couldn’t really get to the supply token and not face off against his wife and The Hunger event kicks in, drawing trucker walker to Duane.

Morgan is getting things done! He can’t kill his wife so old man Anderson gets a lobotomy.

Duane staves off another encounter. The end of the round see us up to 6 Threat.

Pressing their luck, Morgan snags the last supply counter and finds a Molotov. Duane had shovel-smacked trucker walker to the ground last round so tries to curb stomp him to get him out of here.

Morgan gets engaged but is a little tired from the repeated double teams and holds them at bay.

Duane also can’t quite figure out how to kill off these things.

Mama’s rested enough and is ready to play house.

The end of round three sees us creep into Medium threat territory.

Morgan goes around up north to get away from the middle of the pack while Duane tries again to end trucker walker’s misery.

Fate has other ideas and we hit There’s a Storm Comin’, followed by Pandemonium and Roamers which throws three walkers on Morgan, Mama walker on Duane, and Ronnie Walker joins the fray.

“You’re not my Mom (anymore)!!” Duane yells as he beats the extensions right out of Mama walker.

Oof! Tired Morgan is Tired!

His Kitchen knife saved him a damage so that was something.

Trucker walker finally gets up and Morgan passes his bite test.

Round 4 ends us just on the edge of Medium Threat.

Father and Son decide to regroup to help keep walkers from swarming. Morgan has his hands full so he passes the Molotov to Duane.

What would have been a simple 1v1 fight for each of them has Roamers show up and sends two free walkers to Morgan.

Duane just can’t shake this guy.

And walkers rip Morgan to shreds! Even if he’d remembered to use his bandages, he wouldn’t have survived.

So he does the only fatherly thing he could do- turn into a crusty old white-guy zombie and immediately stand up to go after his son.  That’s what love is, folks.  Take note.

Start of round six has us at 15 Threat and Duane can’t handle that. He already brained his mom and now has to do it to crusty white-dad too? Duane just shuts down and can’t even muster the will to molotov those bastards in the corner.

He sneaks down to the other corner.

And we pull Pandemonium.  Gotta love the “move every eligible walker” line.  Isn’t that just a kick in the nuts.

All but Ronnie walker come at Duane.

Oh yeah, and we apparently need more walkers.

S’ok Duane, you, uh. You got this. Umm.


Morgan, Cynthiana Survivor and Duane
  • Result: Double dose of Death.
  • Threat Counter: 17
  • Rounds: 6
  • Supply Counters Searched: 3
  • Walkers Killed: 3


Dropzone Commander Winter Campaign, Finale


Fully Armed And Operational


  1. Russ Spears

    I wanted to be disappointed in the lack of comic format, but crusty white dad saved it for me. At least Duane doesn’t have to live as an orphan now.

    • Christian

      Yeah, I’d love to do these in comic format but it would slow things way down and I wouldn’t be able to do them once a week. I’m hoping to run my next session issue in the coming weeks. We’ll see how life behaves though.

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