Nothing new on the painting front for Walking Dead: All Out War this week but I did catch a whiff of something beyond wave four on the horizon: The Governor’s Fish Tanks in another Resin kit.

Looks like it was accidentally leaked by a store in their preview entries and a Facebook user caught it. Eventually Steward Gibbs of Mantic confirmed the release and provided the above image.

Just because there was nothing new from the paint queue doesn’t mean we don’t have more victims to throw in The Pit. This time we have Shane, Jealous Cop.

Shane is going to see if regular guns can do well in this setting.  I gave him a 9mm Pistol for the Reliable trait and double red dice.  To wipe out walkers, you need to fish for “!” headshot results and this is where all dice are equal so quantity over quality is the key.  Shane already starts with a white and red die so now we have four total dice to get our headshots in.  With only 3 points left, my options were pretty limited so I went with a nice Cuban Cigar to help shore up my headshot hunting.  The only other options were to try the Makeshift Armor or the Adrenaline Shot but neither of them seemed like they would do better in the build.

The lights flicker on, blinding Shane as he gets to his feet. As his eyes adjust, the stark room comes into focus centering on the blood scrawled message in the center of the room: “SURVIVE.” Before he can even think about the cryptic message, Shane sees the walkers.  With no discernible way out, the message becomes crystal clear as the dead start to notice they too are no longer alone…

If things go according to plan, Shane going to cause a lot of Mayhem and draw a lot of heat from firing so much.  If he can get past the curve and take walkers down, he should do pretty well.

First up, Shane easily wipes out walker Reggie and makes his ammo roll.

This draws in four of the remaining five walkers but none are close enough to cause a problem.

Except when you draw the Herd event card. That card is turning out to be pretty killer in this setting. It draws in two walkers that can close with Shane. The others only converge on the lead walker. Shane sticks to his guns and fires again in melee.  He is dialed in and easy takes out the No Service walker.

This does draw in the other two walkers and they brutalize Shane for four damage and a bite.

To make matters worse, Shane then fails the infection roll and is now down to 1 life.  That Makeshift Armor card is looking pretty good about now.

Shane doubles down on the gunplay and knows his only chance to is wipe out at least one of these walkers and then defend against the other two.  He shows again that he is locked on target, taking down his third walker in two rounds.

The resulting Mayhem brings on the ladies and Shane pops blonde walker to make it four walkers dead in two rounds.  His luck runs out as he runs out of ammo.

The Hunger event card pulled up before the melee and the resulting mayhem brings the last walker within millimeters of engaging Shane.  Good thing too as Shane almost completely whiffs his defense roll. It’s good enough to keep him alive though so he makes it to the end of round 2.

But the infection takes its toll and Shane drops. Ah so close. Another round of hot shooting could have had our first survivor win The Pit.  Alas, overconfidence and low ammo forces Shane down.

Shane, Jealous Cop
  • Result: Death
  • Threat Counter: 8
  • Rounds: 2
  • Supply Counters Searched: 0
  • Walkers Killed: 4