I still want to finish up the Operation Red Veil final mission but I got an opportunity to throw down a full 300 point game this weekend and put together a quick report. Due to time constraints and my inexperience with the rules, we only got to play one full round but it was enough to see the game in more detail.

Even though I made some obvious mistakes, the partial game turned out well and I definitely made some headway in the match, taking down half my opponent’s order pool and really putting him on the defensive after an aggressive start. The nice thing about Infinity is, while I was confident the game was going my way, there was no way I would say PanOceania was out as he was ahead on victory points and still in a good position to tap more objectives, even if it meant losing more figures.

I’ll have to read up more on the game so I don’t bog it down too much but I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to play as well.