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Too Many Minis

I saw this meme floating around shortly after the new year (Happy New Year, btw!). It is the old joke of having too many minis and yet always wanting more. During COVID, other similar memes were going around talking about “what you did during lockdown” and posts talking about painting complete Warhammer 40k armies and other lofty goals. Like many, I also have way too many minis and keep buying more but I looked at this year and saw the bragging joke and thought “what if I could still say this on December 31?”

Sometimes You Just Come Up A Little Short

Another day for the Imperial Service (ISS) of Yu Jing. I’m still catching up on recent games of Infinity and this one was up against Haqqislam. Last time I faced them, I got trounced pretty hard with Dahshat Company. I don’t think it was the failing of Dahshat but rather my inability to see what was most important and execute. I was hoping I learned from that last outing and would do better this time around.

At The Emperor’s Service

October started Infinity’s next competitive play season (ITS 14) and with it, I moved on from Dahshat Company. As I talked about last time, I’m going to use this season to focus on the Imperial Service Sectorial (ISS) for Yu Jing. Over the last month or so, I’ve been able to get in a few games to reacquaint myself with the strengths and challenges this unique army has to offer.

The Frozen Roads Thaw

Infinity ITS 13 season ended this past weekend and with it, the Frozen Roads campaign came to a close. Over the last month or so, I’ve gotten in quite a few games to end out the season before the new season ITS 14 begins. I’ll run through the ups and downs I had at the end of all this with running Dahshat Company for a full season.

Colorado Dreamin’

Summer is coming to a close and I was able to get the kids up to Colorado before school started. We were supposed to go in June but I got COVID so that derailed things and we pushed it to early August (replacing our pilgrimage to Gen Con). We’re still figuring out how to work out the kinks in getting “back to normal.” At the same time, I got a chance to get in some gaming with friends. With me coming back into town, we tried to pull another Cabin Con together but only three of us were available with the late notice and the normal cabin out of commission for renovations, it was more of a jump start to realign.

Proxy Pals

One of the nice aspects of the Infinity system is the open and accepted use of proxying models. This is likely due to the fact that Corvus Belli can’t keep every model in stock at all times and actually created more profiles for the units than they could ever produce. This can be a little frustrating when you want to use the exact model and profile you put in your army but it also allows for a high degree of flexibility in model selection.

Life Imitating Art Imitating Life

It’s funny how these circles get created. In Infinity, some of the changes to rules caused some frustration to those players used to the previous edition. Some get upset but an anonymous player decided to commission art to make fun of a ridiculous rule. The resulting art piece struck me as quite incredible in its subtlety and effectiveness.

art by Florian Stitz

Escalation League End

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but not for a lack of content but maybe the opposite. Lots of things going on as I pushed through the end of the Infinity Escalation League and visited friends in Dallas but not a lot of down time to catch up. I’m trying that now as I shake off the bad leavings of an annoying bout of covid. The last Block of full games came and went and ended up being a prep for our first local tournament.

Custom Remote

Infinity Escalation League keeps on trucking and we’ve passed through Block 3. The final block, where we take our lists all the way to 300 points, is upon us. For this block I’m hoping to get through some of the last pieces of the Dahshat army. There is a special remote in Haqqislam that Dahshat gets to take, the Rafiq remote, that I wanted to make some the special for. I’d seen someone else somewhere do it and decided I’d take a crack at it.

Rounding Out Dahshat

As I posted before, I didn’t really feel like I was playing the Infinity Sectorial Dahshat until my latest game when I was able to add in more of the Haqqislam faction pieces. I had a chance to take some photos so I’ll show them off here.

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