T-minus two days until Gen Con 2018 but we leave tomorrow so I gots some work to do today.  Things are going alright as I was able to knock out some pending items yesterday.  Namely, I finished up the X-wing Uglies event I’m running.

I had to build a few more bases and a few more wing pieces to accommodate the eight potential players that may show up for the event.

I also added another “wing” type by killing off one of my existing TIE Interceptors.

The wing set makes just about everything cool.

With X-wing done, I did the layout for my Pitchcar Deathrace to make sure I had everything I needed for that event as well.

The race will feature my mini converter pieces as well as my custom CNC’d deathrace vehicles.

Along with a couple of Loopin’ Chewie boxes, I’m almost set with the event games I’m bringing. I’m pretty pleased with how well they packed down and I’m doing better than last year even though I’m bringing an extra game (X-wing Uglies).

Well. Almost.

There is still a ton of Catacombs.  I’m going to have to pair this down into something manageable.

Even though I did well yesterday and have a good bit of time today, something fell off the truck, namely Frostgrave.  I was really gungho and thought I could make up my squad and have it painted but I just could not get it through in time.  Luckily, the event will have squads for those that don’t bring one.  For my first game, that is likely for the best in any case.

I do plan to get at least one thing painted up before I leave and that is the Dropzone Commander’s Famous Commander ship, “Spirit of Manhattan” tilt rotor.

I showcased the model before unprimed, but this time I have it in its final pose as well. I’m going to have to rust the crap out of this bucket to make it fit more with the Resistance theme but I’m excited to work it up.

I also wrapped up (almost- needs the hook to hold the paddle) my Loopin’ Chewie 2018 winning award plaque.  Another golden paddle will be up for grabs for the one who can claim victory in Sunday’s tournament!