Mantic did a much better job this year running a “Walking Dead Week” and kept up their blog everyday on new Walking Dead content.  Nothing new came out to calm my growing fear that Mantic is discontinuing its support for the solo aspects of the game but hopefully I’ll find out more at Gen Con. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much else to add this week after all their information came out but I did break open some Dropzone Commander models and work them up.

from the ttcombat site

I picked up several of the new Famous Commander models and was excited to open up this bad boy and get it assembled.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of small miscast items in this kit and after a lot of clean up and initial repairs, I decided it was worth emailing the publisher to see if they can help out with some of the problematic items.  If they can’t or won’t, I can greenstuff it into a passable condition but hopefully I’ll have a more appealing alternative.

Luckily, the next model came together fine.  This is Rodriguez’s Tilt Rotor transport and is a pretty nice model.  I like the design but there are some funny practical issues like the missile pods being underslung behind spinning rotors that make the model a little weaker.  Maybe the rotors have a timing capability to fire in between the spinning blades but it still seems impractical.  Same with a missile rack above the cockpit.

There is also a noticeable lack of damage and repair detail on the model, a staple design element of every Resistance faction model since day one.

resistance typhoons sporting some hacked repair on the wings

That will likely make painting it more difficult as I’ll have to add detail to the model instead of enhancing the existing work.  I may decide to greenstuff some armor plates to keep the model consistent with my other models.

Gen Con is a mere week away and my “to-do” list grows with each passing day. I’m sure things will start slipping through the cracks but it will be crunch time soon and I’ll have to start grinding out event prep work soon enough.