Having repelled the Deep from their incursion on Greyrock, my gnomish band ventured out into worlds unknown. The Relicblade bug infected my Colorado comrades, causing Friends Sean and Colton to pick up bands of hapless adventurers as well. As they get their models up to snuff for their own engagements, I did an intro game for Sean virtually through the magic of Tabletop Simulator.

Tabletop Simulator has an official module built by the Relicblade team. It is designed around a demo of the game but contains a lot of the various characters. While most of the board is static, it is still varied enough to work for a game or two, allowing a player to decide whether to buy in or not.

The module didn’t have my Magister on flying carpet so I subbed him out for a big rock guy. Sean had all the models available as except a card for his ‘pooners’ so we were ready to go. Because I haven’t set up my camera rig yet, I haven’t been converting my actual minis to 3D yet. Since TTS will be an option for Relicblade in the future, I’ll get that going soon as well.

Even without the 3D models, the Relicblade team created nice art standees and the module is very well done. We played the first scenario to ease into the game and make things simple. I won initiative and moved my team out to command overwatching views on the side Braziers while the Battlesmiths took to the center objective and got it lit.

Soon, my Battlesmiths were under assault by a pair of ‘hookers’ (Fish Goblins). This began a cascading run of terrible dice rolls for Sean and I where nothing could hit, when they did hit, they did no damage, and easy things like climbing a 2″ high platform was met with failure. It was quite comical.

With everyone engaged and not hurting each other, the victory points essentially shut down and we were stuck waiting for better weather. Sean, having an activation and figure count advantage, was able to maneuver around some of my team and get a Brazier going eventually. If my dice didn’t turn around, this game would go down to simply being out activated.

Soon, the Shark Warrior is able to get into the center area action to break the stalemate found on this critical front. Unfortunately, he can’t shake the dice gods from their slumber and tar pits the mob even more. All the while though, Sean is eeking forward in victory points. The Deep now sits at 2-1 against the Gnomes of Greyrock.

A ray of light breaks free and my battlesmith lands a crushing blow on the Shark Warrior, downing him and opening up some opportunities. I’ve essentially lost the left flank that my big rock guy is holding because he can’t break the stalemate of the pooners while the Eel Sorcerer keeps the Brazier fires burning.

The right flank, however, goes well and my Grenadier snipes the Slayer Squid down. This, in combination with downing the Shark Warrior is just the break I need to clear things out and start getting the VPs I need to end this mission.

Fate decides otherwise. I start whiffing attacks again and the Shark Warrior shakes off the blows. I try again to take command of that center but another series of terrible rolls sees a raging Shark Warrior still up. He proceeds to completely wipe both gnomes off the table and him and the Eel Sorcerer light the Braziers another time and the mission comes to a close with Greyrock in full retreat.

The Deep Wins! 5-1

It was great to see Tabletop Simulator working well for Relicblade like it does for Infinity. We’ll want to add 3D character models to further personalize things but that will come. We also saw that the Relicblade team have made additional modules to add more varied content to things like terrain layouts. And even if that gets stale, there are plenty of other modules to pull terrain from.