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A Gnomish Assault

With my band all painted, local Friend Mark and I decided to throw down. I met Mark through all my Infinity league play. When I casually mentioned Relicblade, he said he had been eyeing that game as well and we both bought.

Having my Warcry terrain pull some double duty, I set up a board after some Infinity and we got rolling. Mark was bringing in some terrors from the Deep. Fish goblins, shrimp goblins, eel sorcerors, and a shark warrior completed the motley crew.

After the set up and a light rules explanation, it was off to empower the secrets of the sacred stones. Three arcane stones are scattered across the area and the seekers (players) need these stones activated to complete a mysterious task. Turn on a stone, get a victory point. Do it five times and you win.

I had my grenadier, Teklin, climb up and take a sniper position to cover access to two of the stones.

The Deep awakens. The Eel Sorceror uses his magic to spur on the shrimp goblin harpooners (“pooners” as we could not stop calling them). Shark warrior looks onward and waits for his time to strike.

While I couldn’t get enough activations to turn on a stone, my Ibex rider has a lot of movement and was able to get in position just after the pooners made their moves as well.

My Battlesmith charged out across the field to go after the other stone. In doing so, he triggered some hidden mud holes. Fish goblins started pouring out to harass him.

One was able to engage but their attack was turned aside and the Battlesmith deftly dodged farther up the stairs, out of their hookspear range.

The Magister then flew in and fireballed the duo but failed. I won initiative next round and Teklin drew a bead on one of the fishers and took him down with one shot.

My Battlesmith reached the stone but failed to speak the right words and it didn’t work. The Eel Sorceror made a play for the middle stone but couldn’t reach the top.

Down below, the Shark Warrior came out to stalk my Ibex rider. Not falling for his tricks, the Ibex rider activated the stone and retreated, blocking him from flanking around to get at my Magister.

The Magister flies out to take a crack at the Eel Sorceror but the slippery enemy stays alive.

In the next round, Teklin runs to the aid of the Ibex rider and takes a shot at the deadly Shark Warrior.

One shot, one kill. Teklin is on fire and the damage just keeps on coming. Shark Warrior is down and the two pooners hesitate with how they should proceed. My Battlesmith turns on his stone as well while the Eel Sorceror manages to turn on a stone. The score is 2-1 with the heroes of Greyrock holding strong but we had to call the game there as the store was closing.

A good intro to the game. We got to see the bulk of the rules and see some fun things with different upgrades and items. It was too bad we didn’t finish but it was fun and has led us to hopefully more games (played to completion) and more force building to utilize items and relics and things.


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  1. Russ Spears

    Your session reports always make me want to play games I’ve never heard of before. Nice job on the flying carpet, too.

    Please pass along my virtual greetings to Local Friend Mark, which is how he shall now and forever more be known (by me, at least, lol). Glad life has let you post updates again, I was starting to get a little worried.

    • Christian

      Some games need very little to report for them to shine. I feel like Relicblade is one of them. It’s good to be back and I’m glad you could stick around for my hiatus. Hopefully I can get back into a regular rhythm.

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