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Digital Dropzone Testing

With my work in Tabletop Simulator for Dropzone Commander far enough along for testing, Colton and I threw down a virtual game. We went wake back to basics, with only a small 500 point force each on the “Targets of Opportunity” bellwether scenario.

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Infinity N4: N4 Versus Nature

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Infinity N4: ISS Versus Varuna

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Infinity N4: First Game

With CodeOne shelved for now, we turn our eyes to Infinity N4, the latest rule set from Corvus Belli. We started out with a smaller 200 point game to keep our game time efficient but still allow for a large enough board.

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Frostgrave Winter Campaign: Therelin’s Tale, Part 1

Claw’s musty fur felt soft in her hands as Therelin stroked the old sleeping hound, his oversized head lying in her lap. The candles had long gone out save for one flickering guardian. Had the spell failed? It rarely did before but the night was queer and all the nervous tension leading up to this moment may have jinxed her calling. Still, all the old powers surged at the ritual’s completion so she felt something else must afoot.

The hound’s ear twitched towards the door and soon enough, the young wizard heard the slow, heavy footfalls of her former guardian climbing the stairs. With a heavy knock, the unlatched door opened, ushering in a chill wind that guttered the last candle out.

“Sorry your Grace, but the men are ready,” Tog said softly in the dark.

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Frostgrave Winter Campaign: Session 1

We had our first full Frostgrave session over the weekend and it was a lot of fun. Five of us were able to make it out on the snowy night and so we split into two groups. I started writing up my session report but it mutated into some long narrative instead. I was having fun writing so I figured I’d keep the non-traditional report but will need more time to edit it a bit more. In the meantime, my friend Colton was able to write up his own report of the other game that was running on the other table:

Reese and I played The Mausoleum scenario in the core book. In this scenario, a crypt in the center of board stands silent watch over several valuable pieces of treasure. But something foul has gone wrong in this ancient tomb and the undead are restless.

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Walking Dead Wednesdays: Comic Timing

Lately, I’ve been working on a pet project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: comic-style session reports.  I first saw some of these on Boardgamegeek years ago and have always wanted to try it out.

Having played Walking Dead: All Out War in a few different iterations, I thought the game would lend itself very well to this style of session reporting.  It took a lot longer to make than I thought and then I had to do a lot of site work so that it could handle the comic presentation but it has been a lot of fun.

You’ll be able to navigate to each “issue” by going to the Comic link at the top of my header but I’ll also announce every time I have a new issue up through my regular Walking Dead Wednesday posts.  My goal is to have one of these out each month but we’ll see how that goes.  I have quite a few story arcs I’m running through but the question is always time.

I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Running Into Trouble

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