Sean was talking about spicing up our terrain for Infinity and there was a Micro Arts Studio scatter piece that I really liked so instead of picking it up, I decided to try my hand at making my own.

As usual, I turned to Fusion360 to CAD up a prototype holder for a large advertising sign. Throwing together some easy geometric shapes on a C-style card holder, the project took no more than an hour and then it was off to the printer.

The print worked well and the dimensions came out perfect. The Jujak Infantry model is for scale. We were looking for some tall pieces to allow all manner of units to hide behind.

The card image is taken from a destroyed paper terrain building from the Red Veil starter set. Glued back to back, it made for a great advertising piece.

A quick black primer then some quick dry brushing worked up most of it. A little glowing green at the center helped break up the monotony and finish up the project.

I’ll make some more when I find some additional art but I’m pretty happy with the quick turnaround this project had. Being a CAD model, it’ll be easy to resize the model to fit other art pieces.