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The Ruined City: Burned Out

Not me, I’m just getting warmed up. The cars though, they have seen better days.

With the rest of my car lot (approximately 45 cars), I took 30 of them and put them back together with their chassis.

I snipped off a lot of wheels because I want them to have that “tires melted burned out” look and I want them lying flat. The reason I left some with wheel is because I intend to flip them. The sprue cutter made good work of the wheels and usually left a little bit of wheel behind to give the hint of tire.

I’m usually pretty lazy with basing and so I went with a quick standby- clear acrylic. This lets the Ruinscape tile art show beneath and I never have to worry about the continuity of the wreck having a grass base and stuck in the middle a street. Some quick splats of brown help tie it together.

Then everything was ready for some superglue. Acrylic and plastic seem to take a while to mate through super glue so I just set them all up and let them dry.

All that was left to was to put them on the board. They blended easily and can combine to make large or small patches of burned out cars. The whole process was very easy and didn’t take much effort. I’ve seen some fantastic dioramas with these but I just wanted them done and board ready. At the end of the day, I think my board will be more in line with the “greater than the sum of its parts” concept.


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  1. Russ Spears

    Catching up on the last couple of posts have been a highlight of my socially distant sequestering. Nice job on those cars – the clear base was a really good idea.

    Have you tried tealight/cotton combo for flaming obstacles yet? I think those would fit in with your setup well.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    • Christian

      I feel like a fool! I have not done flaming obstacles yet but I’ll be adding that to the list now! I was glad to finally get through the cars as I’ve had them in the same bag they shipped in for year.

      You stay safe and healthy as well!

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