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Too Many Minis

I saw this meme floating around shortly after the new year (Happy New Year, btw!). It is the old joke of having too many minis and yet always wanting more. During COVID, other similar memes were going around talking about “what you did during lockdown” and posts talking about painting complete Warhammer 40k armies and other lofty goals. Like many, I also have way too many minis and keep buying more but I looked at this year and saw the bragging joke and thought “what if I could still say this on December 31?”

DropZombie Commander

I always liked 10mm scale. The scale’s ability to render large armies on table at realistic proportions was what first drew me to Dropzone Commander. After playing a lot of games of Dropzone, I got a wild hair and thought, what if I could make a zombie apocalypse?

Dropzone Commander v2.2

The end of last week saw a lot of action drop for Dropzone Commander. TTCombat released an updated rule book and revised names/stats for almost every unit. Unfortunately, they bit off a bit more than they could chew as a server migration plus revamp of the website architecture behind their unit builder and the restocking of a bunch of models to their webstore caused some issues. Namely in the unit builder having issues porting in a lot of the updated info on top of layout/UI issues. These issues should clear up soon enough but lets move past that and look at what Dropzone 2.2 is looking like.

Back In The Saddle

It has been almost 3 months since I last picked up a brush. Luckily, this Tabletop Simulator project has got me to come back to work up a new model for Dropzone Commander, the Hydra Relay Command Hovercraft. It needed some help with it’s packaging so I decided to help things along.

UCM On Parade

With the infantry for UCM figured out, I was able to wrap up the faction starter for my Dropzone Commander TTS. The infantry could have been rendered a little better but everything else came out really clean.

Messing With Process

Things are chugging along as I get more material ready for Dropzone Commander in Tabletop Simulator. I’ve been working on a friend’s fantastic UCM models. The photogrammetry program, Zephyr, has this annoying habit of requiring updates regularly and they make me redo all my settings. I don’t know if it is the forced redo of the settings or the update or if his models are just that good but they are coming out so crisp.

More Digital Dropzone

It’s been a productive week for Dropzone Commander TTS as I was able to bring the Shaltari faction to the mod. These models are from Colton again and aside from an annoying difficult infantry stand, it came together pretty easily.

Dropzone Commander: Need For Speed

With the Tabletop Simulator work going well (add some Shaltari units over the weekend), I starter thinking more about the latest ruleset and one of the biggest changes to the game- the distance or “threat” range of units. This range specifically ties to how fast infantry can get from the board edge and inside a building.

Digital Dropzone Activated

After concluding our test run and working on making everything all fancy, I have released my Dropzone Commander module on to Tabletop Simulator for open consumption.

Digital Dropzone Testing

With my work in Tabletop Simulator for Dropzone Commander far enough along for testing, Colton and I threw down a virtual game. We went wake back to basics, with only a small 500 point force each on the “Targets of Opportunity” bellwether scenario.

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