I was able to base up the new Test of Honour figures so I got them primed up to prepare them for painting. The process was quick as I haven’t put a lot of effort into basing my TOH figures (just white glue and sand) but they came out nice and I’m looking forward to getting some paint on them.

I was a little worried that the masks wouldn’t show up as actual masks but this figure really came through with it. It also helped to have them primed a solid color to hide the metal and give a more uniform image.

I’ll need a better vantage for this guy as he looks like he’s looking down on you from on high.

I’ve been wondering about the scarf holdover on this one. It made more sense on the original model but here, it just reminds me of those silly driving scarves movie stars wore in the 40s.

I won’t be doing any more modelling on the figure so the scarf is here to stay. Maybe he’s just ahead of his time.

Of course, I also had that Ronin to finish up too. He came out nice as well.

Finally, as an ode to all my little Ninja vs Dojo skirmish games, I have a warning: don’t send any more ninja! I didn’t have anything else to do with the ninja heads to I thought this would put them to use well.