I’m wanting to move on to more varied setups for Test of Honour so I’m trying to tweak my “Dojo Assault” scenario a little more. My friend was able to come out again and run through another iteration of the scenario, last seen last week.

My poor sensei never gets a moment’s peace. We’re bringing the scenario back to its simplicity like I originally planned: one Samurai vs three Ninja (two groups and one solo figure). This can make the turns awkward but keeps the game quick and closer to that “introduction” goal.

With the Ninja’s secret goal chosen, they cross the river to make their way into the Dojo’s main grounds. Their goal will be to either destroy the water supply and desecrate the temple bell, assassinate the sensei, or steal the dojo scroll.

My samurai will have none of this intrusion and runs in to cut down this offensive scourge. Playing the mission at “night,” we modified things slightly to where the samurai has to pass a test of will to activate normally. If he fails, he hasn’t noticed anything and must make a cautious movement in a random direction. He doesn’t have to make a will save if he can see an enemy (within 6″ or if enemy is within 3″ of a light source).

The blades are sharp this game (I remembered that unarmored opponents grant the attacker +1 die on the damage roll) and I cut one of the Ninja down. We forgot about making the morale check throughout the game so I guess everyone had nerves of steel. While I was pre-occupied, another group of ninja head for the upper ridge.

The Sensei has no trouble cutting down another ninja, leaving one last brave soul to suffer my blade.

Unfortunately, I stumble and give the ninja an opening. They use it and give me a flesh wound.

This only leads to a clarity of focus and the Sensei swiftly dispatches the remaining scum. While I destroy the obvious threat, the other ninja group has snuck around through the bamboo grove and is poised to strike at the Dojo itself. Fool! I now know what they are after but am far from being able to stop them for now.

In the confusion of the battle, I lose focus and wander the grounds aimlessly. The ninja group stealthily proceed down the hill and just out of reach of the dim lantern light.

With a renewed clarity of focus, I spot the ninja group and run back across the open ground. Another ninja has crept onto the scene as is following the same trail.

The Sensei wisely rushes in to meet him, knowing that if I can defeat him, the rest of the ninja will lose heart and withdraw.

The ninja have made into the dojo! They still must find the hidden scroll and make it off the board. At this point, we realized have a set number of rounds makes it almost impossible for the ninja to win so we scrapped it.

The Sensei has the chance to end it all right now and chooses to fight honorably but the ninja was able to block the blow easily. The Sensei gets another attempt and tries to make an honorable strike but it is his undoing and misses.

Finally, with the second to last token pull of the round, I get one final attack. I forgo my honor and strike hard, only to whiff the damage roll. Luckily, this still pushes my opponent off the grounds proper and the ninja must muster the will to come back or flee the mission altogether. His will is weak and he flees off into the night. The remaining ninja group, seeing themselves all along, also lose heart and must flee in disgust.

The game still feels hard for the ninja but with no turn limit and some luck, the ninja could pull it off. Had that ninja succeeded on his will roll, he could come back on the board within 9 inches of where he left and could maybe kite the Sensei for another round or so, giving the ninja’s in the dojo enough time to find the scroll and get out.

I’m pleased with the results and, while far from perfect, I think the scenario will definitely work for us in the future.