I was looking around for Test of Honour ninjas because they are becoming rare now that the game has moved on from Warlord Games. I’m sure Grey For Now will create ninjas for the game but I really liked the sculpts of those 1st edition miniatures. I have a set of my own but in my searching, I stumbled across this user did an amazing conversion using the ninja sculpts and the heads from the Masked Men set.

from dakka dakka, conversion by AlfonsoTheTraitor

This conversion looked so great, I snagged a remaining blister of three ninjas and got to work. I already picked up a set of Masked Men a while back to complete my Ronin and the leftover heads would be used for my three newest recruits.

The conversion was surprisingly easy. I used my sprue cutter to decapitate the existing ninja, then dry fit a Masked Men head on top until they meshed well.

Because these are straight cuts, metal to metal, I decided to be prudent and pin these. It went easily enough and a small brass pin rod did wonders to help the glue set on these new custom ninjas.

I’m really excited to paint these guys up and add to my ninja force. I’ll have to work the b/w color scheme since it won’t have the same arresting effect AlfonsoTheTraitor’s ninjas have due to the striking red mask scheme. In any case, I look forward to the challenge.

My last Ronin was also completed a bit ago and I figure I’d include him here as well since the need for that one Masked Men head helped spur this whole tangent.

I’ll have to base all these figures and then prime them and put them in the painting queue. The list grows on but I’m not worried. Like the hot chick at busy club, cool minis always find a way to the front of the line.