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Proxy Pals

One of the nice aspects of the Infinity system is the open and accepted use of proxying models. This is likely due to the fact that Corvus Belli can’t keep every model in stock at all times and actually created more profiles for the units than they could ever produce. This can be a little frustrating when you want to use the exact model and profile you put in your army but it also allows for a high degree of flexibility in model selection.

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Life Imitating Art Imitating Life

It’s funny how these circles get created. In Infinity, some of the changes to rules caused some frustration to those players used to the previous edition. Some get upset but an anonymous player decided to commission art to make fun of a ridiculous rule. The resulting art piece struck me as quite incredible in its subtlety and effectiveness.

art by Florian Stitz

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Custom Remote

Infinity Escalation League keeps on trucking and we’ve passed through Block 3. The final block, where we take our lists all the way to 300 points, is upon us. For this block I’m hoping to get through some of the last pieces of the Dahshat army. There is a special remote in Haqqislam that Dahshat gets to take, the Rafiq remote, that I wanted to make some the special for. I’d seen someone else somewhere do it and decided I’d take a crack at it.

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Rounding Out Dahshat

As I posted before, I didn’t really feel like I was playing the Infinity Sectorial Dahshat until my latest game when I was able to add in more of the Haqqislam faction pieces. I had a chance to take some photos so I’ll show them off here.

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The Trial Of Billy Buckner

I’m still working on the Dracula’s America posse builder as friend Reese offered to help run some validation in the file. He’s already finished it, I’m just behind in checking it over. In the mean time, I set up Act II of my solo campaign and gave it a run through to figure out if I need to make any tweaks.

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A Little Bit Of Work

With my living situation still in flux, I’ve had to get a little creative in how I get in my hobby time. I was able to set up my airbrush in the apartment garage and figured out how to make that work in 95 degree heat. The rest (painting station, crafting area, etc) is just kind of “where I can fit it for easy setup and take-down.” In all of this, the Bromad Academy was running a painting contest that I was very interested in. The theme for the quarter was “Conversions” and I had been kicking around a simple idea for a while. This contest was the catalyst giving me the push I needed.

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Mammoth Undertakings

In Warhammer Age of Sigmar, there is a legendary model produced by the Games Workshop partner, Forge World that I always considered way out of reach for my fledgling bout into the Slaves to Darkness faction. The Chaos War Mammoth is a massive model and carries an equally heavy price point at around $300 because it is discontinued. It was costly even before it was discontinued so it was never really in the cards for me to use.

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An Evolution Of Face Paintings

I’ve been painting Infinity for about 18 months now and I recently ran across an interesting site on some new techniques. The LazyPainter has a nice quick guide on painting the skin tones with face painting. I recently adopted the technique and I’m liking the results as I work out my own kinks. I thought I’d explore the results a little to see where I’ve come from and where I’m going.

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Dropzone Commander: Breakthrough

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The Ruined City: Building Variety

After cutting apart one of the existing paper terrain buildings from the Dropzone Commander Ruinscape set, I found that I really liked that even some simple cuts can created fun new terrain options while still maintaining the “fold down” quality of the originals. I decided to explore this a little more.

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