With my first successful casting of the weapon mount for Dropzone Commander’s Wagon units, I went and finished up the other two mounts.  After they dried and cured, I cutoff the excess green stuff and shaved them down to size.

While the iphone image quality leaves a lot to be desired, you can tell the casts are a bit softer than the original piece up top. I shouldn’t matter as they’ll be hidden under the weapon rack itself and, at 10mm, it will hardly be noticeable.

Next I cut down some small bits of a dowel rod for the post under the base.

After gluing the weapon rack to the newly cast base, it’s hardly noticeable.

The Storm wagons with their oversize weapon racks are the best choice to hide the imperfect green stuff casts.

Whereas the Thunder Wagons have their base more exposed and the resin official pieces work very well.

Soon enough, it’ll be time to start painting these suckers.

But before that happens, I put together the Shaltari Famous Commander Firedrake variant for Seti, the Kinslayer.  Why do I even have this model? The Famous Commander rules for this unit are pretty funny in that this guy is basically a merc for hire and can be taken with the Resistance or PHR factions. This option was too cool to pass up so I picked up the model.

It was a beast with 15 separate components and some delicate sprue cutting required.  Several of my pieces were busted out of the package so I contacted TTCombat and they sent out replacement parts.

The unit looks like a fun challenge to paint up so I’ll take my time on it and try to do it up right.

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