This weekend saw the last of my Dropzone Commander Wagons complete.  One of the challenges I always have with Resistance models is the varied and random color schemes I feel like they should have.  Since I’ve always viewed them as scavengers, having a cohesive and consistent color scheme never made sense except in rare cases.  I think that is probably part of the “fun” of the faction as well but when I just want to burn through some units mindlessly, it can be annoying.

The wagons themselves laid on some heavy rust that my previous wagon models don’t have but are otherwise pretty uniform in their approach.  The huge missiles were fun to paint up and helped take some attention away from the tedium.

My other set of wagons came from a kit bash and one of the older “show exclusive” lorries set.  These also are sporting my cast weapon mount bases now painted up.

With my wagons complete, I grudgingly turn to all my infantry sprues.  Technically, I only need to complete one set of Sappers as they are the last unit I’m missing from having everything in Resistance painted and available. If I’m going to paint infantry, however, I should just get them all through at once so I don’t have the primed sprues hanging around and risk getting lost.

Luckily the Sappers are easy since they come three dudes to a sprue and I didn’t spend much time with them as I just wanted them done.  I don’t find infantry sprues for Dropzone particularly inspiring so I usually don’t try very hard and go for more of a general “effect.” This is a little sad in some ways because I have seen some truly inspiring infantry paint schemes but they never seem to be for Resistance models.  Even my favorite Resistance infantry models are pilfered from the UCM sprues.

Marine-Force Recon infantry had some interesting sculpts even at 10mm and seemed easy to work up.

I have about eight more sprues to get through with the last of my ATVs, Occupation Vets, and Berserkers hanging on. In another box I also have a bunch of the infantry stands for the Technicals and Battle Bus additions.  I’m not really counting those as some are just extras that won’t go with anything but I should do a head count to see what is truly extra.