So it is now July and that means I’m halfway through my game challenges so it is time to check in with how I’m doing.

For my “1×100” challenge, where I aim to play at least 100 different games at least one time, I’m doing pretty well.  58 total unique games so far for the year means I’m beating the average.  CabinCon is always a good time to hit a wide variety of games and it did not disappoint.  On the other challenge, however, I’m obviously struggling.

20 games in on my “100 x 1” challenge, where I choose one game to play at least 100 times.  After switching from The Duke to The Walking Dead: All Out War, I have done better but I’ve now fallen below even the half-pace marker.

All is not lost, however, as I’ve recently done a lot of work getting the Miles Behind Us scenarios ready so I can start that campaign now in earnest.  Also, the next wave is seeing a bit more press so hopefully it releases soon and galvanizes my play a little more.

Gen Con is approaching as well and while that is usually better for the 1×100 challenge but Walking Dead should be there as well and I’m likely to get an event of that in there as well.