In addition to my weekly Walking Dead Wednesday and 1×100 challenge (one game one hundred times), I’m also trying get the miniatures for The Walking Dead: All Out War painted up.

To ease the workload and stave off burnout, I’ll be painting based on what scenarios I have to play coming up next. To better understand which scenarios will be the easiest to start, I’ll break them down by figure and grey out the ones I’ve already completed.  I won’t include walkers unless a scenario calls for a particular figure or walker type.

The Prelude to Woodbury (solo starter set)

  • Prelude to Woodbury – Part 1: Brian Blake (Before Woodbury)
  • Prelude to Woodbury – Part 2: Brian Blake (Before Woodbury)
  • Prelude to Woodbury – Part 3: Brian Blake (Before Woodbury)

The solo starter is pretty easy in that it only needs Brian in each scenario.  That is some low hanging fruit right off the bat.

Days Gone Bye

  • Chapter 1: Gun Running Rick (Police Officer), Morgan (Cynthiana Survivor), Duane
  • Chapter 2: City SlickerRick (Police Officer)
  • Chapter 3: Campfire Tales – Rick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Lori (Cynthiana Survivor), Shane (Jealous Cop), Dale (Atlanta Camp Lookout), Jim, Allen, Donna, Carol (Recent Widow)
  • Chapter 4: Running Into TroubleRick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Glenn (Atlanta Scavenger)
  • Chapter 5: Ready To Roll – Rick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Carl (Cynthiana Survivor), Lori (Cynthiana Survivor), Shane (Jealous Cop), Dale (Atlanta Camp Lookout), Jim, Allen, Donna, Glenn (Atlanta Scavenger), Carol (Recent Widow), Sophia (Innocent Child), Andrea (Skilled Sharpshooter), Amy
  • Chapter 6: Bad BloodRick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Carl (Cynthiana Survivor), Shane (Jealous Cop)

Miles Behind Us

  • Chapter 1: Clear The RoadRick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Carl (Trainee Sharpshooter), Glenn (Atlanta Scavenger) Tyreese (Pro Football Player), Julie, Chris
  • Chapter 2: Leaving Wiltshire EstatesRick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Tyreese (Pro Football Player), Julie, Chris
  • Chapter 3: Friendly FireRick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Otis, Carl (Trainee Sharpshooter)
  • Chapter 4: Attack On The FarmHershel (Greene Family Patriach), Billy, Otis, Patricia
  • Chapter 5: The BarnHershel (Greene Family Patriach), Maggie (Rebellious Daughter), Billy, Arnold, Lacey, Otis, Rick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Glenn (Atlanta Scavenger)
  • Chapter 6: Supply RaidGlenn (Supply Run Master), Andrea (Skilled Sharpshooter), Maggie (Rebellious Daughter), Billy

You can tell what scenario set I’ve been building towards… While I play through these scenarios, I’ll get started on the Days Gone Bye minis that I haven’t painted yet.

Safety Behind Bars

  • Chapter 1: Clear The YardRick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Tyreese (Pro Football Player), Andrea (Skilled Sharpshooter)
  • Chapter 2: Unwanted Guests (non-solo) – Rick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Tyreese (Pro Football Player), Lori (Caring Mother), Allen, Dexter, Thomas, Andrew, Axel
  • Chapter 3: Clearing HouseTyreese (Pro Football Player), Andrea (Skilled Sharpshooter), Billy, Glenn (Supply Run Master)
  • Chapter 4: Chance Encounter – Otis, Michonne (Wandering Nomad), Mike (walker), Terry (walker)
  • Chapter 5: Mercy Mission (non-solo) – Andrea (Prison Sniper), Maggie (Rebellious Daughter), Rick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Patricia, Thomas
  • Chapter 6: Misplace Loyalty (non-solo) – Tyreese (Pro Football Player), Andrea (Prison Sniper), Dale (Grizzled Leader), Glenn (Supply Run Master), Rick (Atlanta Camp Leader), Lori (Caring Mother), Carl (Trainee Sharpshooter), Dexter, Andrew, Patricia, Axel, (Thomas)
  • Chapter 7: Down In Flames – Rick (Prison Advisor), Glenn (Prison Guard), Michonne (Wandering Nomad)

I was surprised I had two full scenarios’ figures ready on this one.  Since only two non-solo scenarios remain, this set ironically has less figures to paint than Days Gone Bye for me (5 figures to DGB’s 6 left).

Made To Suffer (non-solo)

  • Chapter 1: The Arena – Harold, Eugene Cooney
  • Chapter 2: Escape From Woodbury – Rick (Disfigured), Dr. Stevens, Alice, Martinez, Glenn (Prison Guard), Michonne (Wandering Nomad), Gabe, Bruce, Curtis
  • Chapter 3: Out For Revenge – Michonne (Vengeful Hunter), Brian (The Governor), Gabe
  • Chapter 4: The Best Defense – Tyreese (Prison Advisor), Michonne (Vengeful Hunter), Andrea (Prison Sniper), Glenn (Prison Guard), Maggie (Prison Defender), Axel, Bruce, Tom, Gloria, Raymond, Wes, Curtis
  • Chapter 5: The First Wave – Rick (Disfigured), Andrea (Prison Sniper), Tyreese (Prison Advisor), Dale (Prison Advisor), Hershel (Prison Advisor), Michonne (Vengeful Hunter), Glenn (Prison Guard), Maggie (Prison Defender), Billy, Axel, Brian (Mutilated), other Woodbury survivors
  • Chapter 6: Pre-Emptive Strike – Tyreese (Prison Advisor), Michonne (Vengeful Hunter), Brian (Mutilated), Gabe, Bob, Curtis, Gloria, Raymond
  • Chapter 7: Escape From The Prison – Rick (Disfigured), Hershel (Prison Advisor), Billy, Patricia, Axel, Carl (Trainee Sharpshooter), Lori (Caring Mother), Andrea (Prison Sniper), Brian (Mutilated), Lilly, other Woodbury survivors

As expected, this one doesn’t have many models complete at all.  Since the whole set is competitive and non-solo, there is less of a drive to paint the set though.

To finish of Miles Behind Us, I went back and painted Chris and Julie.