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Walking Dead Wednesday: Last Of the Miles Behind Us Expansion

Not much time this past week but I did finish up several more survivors.  This time it’s time to finish out the ladies of the Greene family.

Maggie’s pose looks so odd to me as it is never really a pose you see her in.

She’s usually more tortured and angry in the early comics.  Here it’s like she’s a 50’s detective in a Hitchcock movie.

Or maybe she’s got that femme fatale thing going on and is about to shoot the main lead.

Lacey has farm girl written all over her.  While not really memorable she does have a mean-looking pitchfork.

Then there is Andrea, Skilled Sharpshooter.  They decided to blend her look with the early Tony Moore, preppy college outfit with the “no-nonsense” Charlie Adlard later issues, pulling her hair back and give her a more determined demeanor.  I’m sad that they jumped forward and missed the black #5 shirt days as it was pretty cool look and would be fun to paint.

Wow, she is damned lucky she didn’t die in that scene… Rick didn’t train Glenn for shit on gun safety- pointing the gun right at Andrea’s abdomen, finger firmly gripping the trigger in a very hostile and physical moment.  Bad form dude!

And a three-quarter shot of her sculpt.  #5 shirt or not, she has a pretty great pose.


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  1. Russ

    Good job on progressing through the ladies. I always enjoy looking at how people handle Andrea’s untucked shirt. It’s a simple thing that I would have overlooked had I not seen other people’s paint jobs first. and EXCELLENT job on Maggie’s subtle stripes.

    Plus I just had to give you a shout out since I’ve been silent. You’re all moved in and everything is back to normal now, right?

    • Christian

      Thanks Russ! I only caught Andrea’s shirt because I was trying to figure what outfit they sculpted her in and caught the old image of her scrolling through google images. Thanks on the stripes, they can be annoying but these were easier than when I did Lori’s shirt.

      The move is “done” but things aren’t quite back to normal as most of my games are still boxed but I’m slowly getting things out and put away. I’m hoping to get a lot of that done this weekend actually but we’ll see.

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