I’ve always been a fan of dexterity games and so when I saw Repos Production‘s over-sized new monster smash up dexterity game, Rampage, at Gen Con in 2013, I knew I had to have it.


Oversized Rampage at Gen Con 2013. image from Daddy’s Little Men blog

Repos Production later changed the game’s name to Terror in Meeple City to likely avoid some copyright infringement but the game is fantastic fun no matter what you call it.

The game comes stocked full of colorful meeples and originally they offered a sticker sheet separately to add some character to these guys but thankfully the sticker sheet comes in the retail box now.


The only thing about the components that I found a little off were the monsters themselves.  While they were nice and heavy wood cutouts, they only had stickers to give them character and were all the same natural wood color.


This was easily remedied.  Before stickering the pieces, I picked up some spray paints in matching colors and sprayed down all the pieces.  A quick seal and some stickering and the monsters pieces were ready to go. To me, this really helped keep all the pieces consistent and match the fun, colorful world the game art evokes.


Since you don’t actually need a lot of color, buying individual spray paint for each color was a little overboard. You could easily substitute some craft acrylic paints to get a similar effect.


If you wanted to duplicate this effect and you’ve already stickered your set, you could try removing the stickers with a hairdryer.  This should ruin the adhesive but should keep the stickers intact and let you peal them off easily.  You can then reapply an adhesive (I’d recommend a spray adhesive) and put the stickers back on after you paint the pieces.

Due to a sale on Artscow, I was able to create a custom bag to hold the meeples.


The image was photoshopped from the revised box cover and printed using Artscow’s small drawstring bag.


The last little job I added to complete the pimping of this game was to make a tuckbox created by Boardgamegeek user fdevans.



Due to the production quality already in the game, there wasn’t much I needed to add to pimp this game out.  Also, the additions were fairly simple for this game thus making it one of the simplest games I’ve pimped.