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Expanding My Service

Taking a little break from the monster hunting posts, I wanted to catch up on my painting progress since it is one of my goals for the year. In addition to the 15mm Joan of Arc minis getting painted for the monster hunting game, I’ve also been working through more of my Infinity models. This time, I’m catching up on a bunch of Imperial Service minis that have been hanging around for a while now.

Preparing For Battle

My first goal in any design endeavor is to get rules to the table as soon as possible. Normally this means slapping random physical assets together to just get the bare minimum across and see if the game concepts even work. There is no point in creating beautiful layouts and printing cards or assets that may undergo radical changes during the development process. That being said… I did paint up the minis needed for my first test.

Too Many Minis

I saw this meme floating around shortly after the new year (Happy New Year, btw!). It is the old joke of having too many minis and yet always wanting more. During COVID, other similar memes were going around talking about “what you did during lockdown” and posts talking about painting complete Warhammer 40k armies and other lofty goals. Like many, I also have way too many minis and keep buying more but I looked at this year and saw the bragging joke and thought “what if I could still say this on December 31?”

Dry Brushing Set Right

Some time before the end of the year rush, I was able to sit down with a great painter in our Infinity group who was showing off a quick technique that he’s used with great success- dry brushing. Now I’ve been dry brushing for some time but seeing his results and technique, I see there are some critical details I’ve been missing. As much for my own benefit of documenting the technique in detail, I have it now before you.

Rounding Out Dahshat

As I posted before, I didn’t really feel like I was playing the Infinity Sectorial Dahshat until my latest game when I was able to add in more of the Haqqislam faction pieces. I had a chance to take some photos so I’ll show them off here.

April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 on my 30 minutes of painting for 30 days brings more orange armor brigade. This time with the smallest of my Infinity minis- the little tinbot B.

Infinity “Complete”

With some free time available this weekend, I was able to work up the details of all my outstanding Infinity figures. This includes my favorite models, the Su Jian.

Speed Bumps And Road Blocks

While I was really excited to get my new Infinity figures prepped, I still had one thing to complete before I could officially complete my Operation: Red Veil. The last mission, and likely the most interesting, has a “Yuan Yuan” character as a neutral AI figure causing trouble for everyone. If I had pre-ordered the starter when it first came out, I would have been able to receive a special promo Yuan Yuan figure. Since I didn’t, I only had a little token to represent the figure and that just wouldn’t do. So I went looking for a replacement and stumbled on this:

The Dark Knight Returns

Or rather, some of his rogue gallery… My friend wanted to get a dedicated minis game night going. The goal was to hit something we haven’t had on the table in a while. I must have baited him earlier by talking about the fact that while the “Bat Boxes” Knight Models was putting out were really cool, I have no need to get any. This wasn’t because there was anything wrong with them, rather I have tons of Batman models already needing painting and had no real compulsion to try. As if to challenge this lack of will, he decided he wanted BMG (Batman Miniature Game) to be the game of the evening. I took the bait and busted out my minis to see what kind of army I could field.

2018 Challenge Reflections

With my game challenges over, I’ve been giving some thought to how I consume this hobby, both in what/how I play and what I actually buy.  Running some stats on the challenge I did complete, the 100 unique games, showed some interesting trends that confirm some suspicions I’ve had on where I’m going in this hobby.

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