The Gaslands Facebook page is a non-stop flow of treasure hunters looking for the next cool Hotwheels at their local supermarket or thrift store.  While I’m all set to use my half-scaled version from Dropzone Commander, I was curious to see what could be had at my local Walmart.

While not really something to post a “look at me!” thread on Facebook, I did find this little Cars 3 toy interesting for the flaming oil drums.  They looked like they were in scale with my 28-32mm terrain so I took a gamble and picked it.  If nothing else, the car could go to my boy and the obligatory other toys could go to rest of the minions when I got home.

Doing some quick scale comparisons with my Batman Miniature Game figures, it looks like these will work just fine.

What’s nice is that BMG has an objective regarding flaming oil drums and I was looking around for some official options but wasn’t really liking what I saw.

All these should need are a quick priming and basing and then they’ll be ready to paint up with the rest of my objectives. Until I decide to try to light them up…