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Gaslands Deathrace Prep

Gaslands most popular game scenario is the “Deathrace” scenario featured prominently in the rulebook.  The main feature of the scenario is a last-man-standing race around a course, passing through various gates to get through the finish.  The Gaslands community has come up with a lot of different options for these gates but since I’m using a less popular scale at 10mm, I decided to check out some of the Dropzone Commander terrain out there and found a great set put out by 4Ground.

This set from 4Ground seems like it will work very nicely with my Dropzone set and can always double as terrain for normal Dropzone games as well.

4Ground kits are nice in that they are “pre-painted” unless you count all the lasered edging that detracts from the normal work done to the flat sides of the kit.  I’m not too bothered by it so I’ll just leave it after is is all assembled.  I still have to decide on what signage I want to use for these but the main structures of the pieces are complete.

There are a couple of issues with 4Ground kits for Dropzone in that they have this awkward basing that is smaller than the actual base.  I don’t know if these are supposed to connect into some type of terrain but it makes a lot of their free-standing structures unstable and any hit to the table or slight bump and they fall over.  I have some clear bases left over from Dropzone that I’ll add in to make the pieces more stable without sacrificing the aesthetic.

The other issue is that these kits seem overly complicated for what they are.  The kits tend to take a bit longer than I’d like when assembling. They work well enough and are very cost effective but it’d be nice for even these simple kits to not be so tedious.

Going back to the Gaslands rulebook, the gates are supposed to be one long straight template across. As you can see, the 4Ground gantry is a little wider.  Since I will be playing this casually, I don’t think it will matter much if the gate is wider than intended.

The models themselves set up nicely on the existing terrain board.  Also, I noticed that the roadway is exactly one long straight template across so if I need to enforce something, we can always use the road to guide us on the gate width.


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  1. Russ Spears

    I know “prep” was in the title, but this is a cliffhanger…. carnage! Christian’s CARnage must ensue!!!

    As a tangent, I was telling/showing some guys at work about your CNC’ed movement templates. The 2 3D Printer guys were quickly envious, and another who’s been on the fence about home-CNC is now teetering (to where I can better take advantage, ha!)

    • Christian

      I know! At this point, I can prep and play some Pit Walking Dead scenarios 😀 Soon even that will get packed away.

      Cool on the CNC converts! I think Laser is still the best for templates but about 3x-4x more expensive for a quality piece of hardware.

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