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Careful What You Click On

Busy week but I was able to start up a project on improving my Batman Miniature Game lights.  I went looking for a set of cheap street lamps and found a perfect set.

I quickly threw it in the cart and bought it up.  These are HO scale street accessories and I was feeling pretty good until I realized HO is “half ‘O'” scale. This turns out to be about 1:87 scale which is about half the size of what is needed for a standard 30mm minis game.  I tried to cancel the purchase but it was too late, they were already shipping.

I went looking around for O scale equivalents but they are really expensive so I decided I’d see if I could do something to make these still work.

As suspected, they are a wee bit small.  Unperturbed, I push on to see if the concept can work.

I cut the little molded light bulb off to make a hook for my actual light.

And it works as intended.  I need to extend the height on the post so I grabbed a brass rod usually used for pinning models and cut the lamp post apart.

I drilled a hole in the top of the post base to have the brass rod replace the main post.

The top of the lamp post is too small to drill and I ran out of time so I’ll have to figure out a way to mount it on securely later.  The concept is coming together a bit more though.

I have a set of metal bases coming in as well to help counter balance the weight so it’ll just be the matter of getting that top hook part connected and secured to the brass rod and then I can use some Greenstuff to sculpt the connections a little more and help mount the whole post to the base.

Crunch Time

This week starts the last five weeks of the year and looking at my 6 x 6 Challenge list, things are looking pretty tight. I have five more games to get in to complete my challenge with Walking Dead dragging its heels with the least games played. Sad as I thought it would be one of the easiest to complete but I got a bit sidetracked. Since the remaining items seem pretty straight forward, I’ll be focusing a bit more energy to get Walking Dead to the table to try to finish out my Chapters series and mess around with some of the new missions in the later rule books.

After Walking Dead, I will have a few stragglers with one game left each.  Championship Formula Racing should be easy to get a game in again and I plan to do that this week.  Dropzone Commander has it’s last game already set up on the calendar as the local group completes another game in their ongoing Winter Campaign.  That leaves Batman Miniature Game.

We’ve been moving right along with our BMG sessions and so I’d like to try to hit one of the campaign scenarios in the Suicide Squad starter. That will be a bit ambitious as all of those scenarios require the Suicide Squad team, which I haven’t started painting yet (and I’d really like to play with painted models).  Probably a long shot to completing that option but what is life without lofty goals? I can always fall back on our regular 200 point game if need be.

I did figure out that I needed a better storage solution as the pink plastic tray that came in the Suicide Squad starter was pretty useless. Two pluck foam trays later and this great box is reborn as my minis holder.  And just look at all that room for expansion…

In other news, we started playing Evolution Climate from North Star Games a little bit and my friend reminded me of a goal of his to add a little more theme to the game.  The game represents the management of new species that evolve to gain the most food every round and the game includes these nondescript trays to hold your species’ stats.

We always wanted to give a little more info or theme about these species we were creating so we thought about maybe cards or different tray designs.  Then I picked up a promo set at Gen Con and thought we had the solution.

While these new custom trays are much better visually than the standard trays, other players found them difficult to determine key things like my species’ population or body size.  In addition, there are only six of them in three separate designs.  That means not enough trays to go around and the variety is limited to the three dinosaur shapes printed.

We started brainstorming and thought maybe cards that you randomly draw from a custom deck could work. These cards would have descriptive names of some animal on them. This could then help you imagine that you were creating some type of new bat or caribou or whatamaroo.  I was thinking about this a bit more and while at Michael’s, I found a nice alternative.

These little plastic creatures (on the upper left of the tray) come in assorted packs of differing shapes and are relatively inexpensive (especially if you buy them over the course of a few weeks with the store’s weekly 40% off coupon).  I think this can give the species a little bit of theme while staying out of the way of the game mechanics.  I’ll have to get this to the table and see if it works.

Batman and a Sweet Revenge

My impromptu painting session culminated in another Batman Miniature Game earlier last week. I kept the same crew as last time and my friend swapped out Comissioner Gordon for the SWAT Alpha member that I just painted up and Agent Ron.

I still had the last map set up so we decided to keep it and switch scenarios. This time we chose the Skirmish scenario which only cares about killing opponent figures. You still have objectives but the scenario doesn’t favor them any more than normal.

Per the scenario rules, we set up on opposite sides of the board. I ended up placing my easy objectives close to the right side of the board (loot and riddle objectives) and my ammo crate in the center just outside of the central lamp post.

There are some nice synergies with Joker and his henchmen if they are close enough as he can burn a few special counters and almost double his henchmen’s movement. With that done, Joker ran over and picked up some of my loot. Agent Ron went sewer diving and came up over on my side but hidden behind a building.

With Eyeball Man’s excessive movement now, he ran out to my first riddle objective and promptly failed.

Fat Cop ran back to his board edge knowing all to well what happens when Eyeball Man is too close.  I ran Panda Man out to the middle to make a play for the other objectives next round.

The round ends with Batman cautiously moving in and Alpha aggressively pushing into the center, getting just shy of the lucrative ammo crate but is within 8″ of Eyeball Man (triggering his “shooter” ability to ignore Ping! rolls). Being so close to the ammo crate, Alpha isn’t worried about running out of ammo so he pops off a round at Eyeball Man only to whiff and roll a 1.

I score one VP for Joker’s loot objective and the first round of scoring is complete.

I get to lead off the second round and decide to have Panda Man open up on Alpha. I can’t leave Alpha there as he is too deadly next to that ammo crate and a bit of a tank with a bulletproof vest. If I can get two hits off, I can take Alpha down. I end up with all three shots hitting but due to the intervening tree cover, Alpha negates two of them with his Ping! roll and comes away with some nasty wounds but still up.

Alpha responds in kind and unloads on Panda Man. He also lands all 3 shots, ignoring Ping! but I luck out and he whiffs one of the damage rolls. It still hurts and Panda Man is down to one wound remaining.

Eyeball Man then sprays five shots at Alpha but bad rolls on my part only get one wound in I need two to drop him. I do get a match on my collateral die so it knocks Alpha down. Eyeball Man then swings over to my ammo crate to reload and control that objective.

Batman swoops in only to go for one of his riddle objectives and detectives his  maxing the points. We ended up grabbing the wrong cheat sheet so didn’t award the right VPs for these objectives so Batman ends up short changed with 3 VPs instead of 4.

Joker moves in to finish off Alpha but whiffs.

Fat Cop and Agent Ron hover around the back waiting to see if they should engage or cower. Agent Ron does take the opportunity to grab his cash loot (GCPD never did pay enough).

The round ends with 6 VPs for me (Panda Man was able to score off my second riddle token) and 7 VPs for Batman.

Alpha stands back up but rolls horribly and only gets a few scratches on Eyeball Man.  Joker then goes and obliterates Alpha. With no cover to stop me and some good rolls, I finally removed that thorn.  I then decide to go for a pretty risky move.

I know Batman is going to go next and will swing over to Eyeball Man and beat him down. This always happens and with Panda almost gone, I don’t think I can afford to lose Eyeball Man without even taking a turn. So my gambit is to run Joker up to be bait for Batman’s beat down. I should survive and have a good shot at going first next round to retreat. To guarantee that Batman goes after me, I use Joker’s intimidate skill to negate Batman from using any special counters (so no Batclawing over to Eyeball Man and taking him out).

Hahaha! It worked!


Batman doesn’t knock me out but does bring me close and now Fat Cop smells blood in the water. Lucky for me, his tubby ass fails to damage me further even though I’m prone and getting double teamed.

Eyeball Man gets to prove that the gambit was worth it. He does ok and gets in a few wounds on Fat Cop.

Agent Ron can’t let Fat Cop show him up so he comes around the corner and lands a shot in on Eyeball Man.

After this crazy round I’m back up with 11 VPs to Batman’s 8.

Unfortunately, Joker fails to recover any stun markers inbetween rounds and I lose out on the critical initiative round.  I load up everything Joker has on defense and hope it’s enough to survive.

Batman starts and tries to pummel Joker down. His rolls are pretty bad and my defense rolls are pretty good but Joker falls by the slimmest of margins with only one hit landing damage. That one hit is enough to to knock him out.  Due to a weird and dumb rules interaction, Joker doesn’t get removed when Batman tries to arrest him so we move on (we’ll later decide that the RAW doesn’t make sense and will rule that Survivor doesn’t stop Arrest).

Time for Stan the Man to save the day. If I take out Fat Cop, not only does continue my routine slaying of the poor slob, but there won’t be anyone to arrest Joker and there might still be a chance for Joker wake up and slither into the sewer grate nearby.

Eyeball Man shoots and scores 4 hits on Fat Cop. There is cover but averages should see him negate only half of the hits and even if I whiff the damage rolls, it’ll still be lights out for Fat Cop.  Instead, Stan proves incompetent and my friend negates ALL my hits with an epic Ping! roll. Stupid lamppost!

Fat Cop can’t believe his own luck and happily slams the cuffs on the Joker (showing Batman how to get it done) for the arrest of a lifetime.

The next round just see things completely fall apart. Agent Ron drops his loot to run in and beat down Eyeball Man with a quick follow up arrest.

Batman easily runs down Panda Man.

Whoops his ass and arrests him too.

The game ends with a crushingly complete rout of my crew.  Final score:

Joker crew: 14 VPs

Brave and the Bold: 27 VPs

Pretty interesting game all around. The Ping! rolls destroyed me and really showcased how I need to take more care in my positioning. My gambit ended up failing but it was interesting to try out. Even though we likely messed up the ruling when Batman tried to arrest Joker, it ended up making for the better story with Fat Cop finally coming out on top, over the Joker no less. I learned recently that there is a Knight Models tournament promo card floating around that is the promotion of Fat Cop to Sgt. Winslow. That seems all too fitting for the events of this game so I honor of his epic victory, I will now respectfully refer to him as Winslow, or sergeant Winslow depending on which card is in play.

Impromptu Painting

We got lucky this week and had a rare opportunity to get in some mid-week gaming and with the end of the year looming, I pushed to get in another game of Batman in.  From our last game, we weren’t convinced Commissioner Gordon was a good fit for my friend’s Batman crew.  My friend didn’t have time to work up an alternate model so I took advantage of the good weather to work up one of my SWAT henchmen.

I didn’t have a lot of time but luckily I had him mostly put together.  I just needed to fill in the gaps in his base and then he’d be ready to prime.  I got that together in the afternoon and then waited for him to dry.

Later that night, I went in and block painted him.  I did a few light highlights (I really don’t do much to my models anyway as I let the wash knock it down and fill in the shadows) and he was done in less than 90 minutes.

After letting him dry overnight, I applied a wash and then sealed him up.  I’ll still want to get some decals or something for the SWAT lettering but that can happen later. Getting this guy out and complete had me reviewing all my other Batman Miniature Game minis and I decided to burn through the rest of them to get everything prepped.

I finished assembling the rest of my Suicide Squad figures and then filled in their gaps in the base.  I’ve never liked “basing” so I go simple and move on. If these guys were resin, I’d consider going clear bases as well but being metal, that tends to not work out very well.

Katana (model up front) was a bit nasty for a Knight Model with all the extra pieces and the awkward three-point connection of her shoulders and hands.  Trying to fit that katana hold over her head never really worked so I resorted to some greenstuff to help out.  It works for tabletop but if you look close enough, it looks a little off.

After getting everything assembled, I went in and primed everyone so that I’d be able to repeat a quick painting one off night for the next model I need to sub into a crew.

Also, I had been thinking about grabbing some new Dropzone Commander models to try a new build.  Keiron’s comment on my last game pushed me to finally pull the trigger on picking up the Marine Force Recon group and their Raven dropships.

The Ravens assembled very quickly and were easy to prime up.

And I was pleasantly surprised that the MFR troops had almost no flash to deal with.  They went up very quickly.  With this and my Walking Dead, my winter painting queue is all but filled up.

Lost Projects and Revisions

The weather last week was pretty great and seeing that the forecast would turn a bit colder, I used the opportunity to get the rest of my Walking Dead: All Out War minis primed.  Hopefully I can get into a routine again during the long winter nights and finish up the bulk of them.

This is just the heroes I have and while it looks intimidating, I’m only really painting the heroes I like or will use.  I went “all-in” on the Walking Dead Kickstarter campaign mainly for the full ruleset (spread across multiple expansions) and the large amount of unique zombie sculpts.

Of which, I still have a lot to complete.  I’ll likely start with the walkers again like last time though there are some Rick and Glenn models I need to paint up as well. Imagine that, finally having a Glenn model…

I was talking about small lights with some commenters on another Kickstarter I’m obsessing about, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc (check it out if you haven’t, the game is fantastic), and I got a recommendation to use these small, self-contained LEDs.

They are pretty bright and might make for some easy streetlights for Batman Minis Game or Walking Dead.  I like my current street lamps but one of them already seemed to short out so I’m looking for some alternatives and these might work with an easy lamp post frame to support it.

We found that the power source is three 1.5V batteries and the lights will still function less bright with only two of the batteries.  Not completely sure if they will work with what I have in mind but definitely a nice little find.

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