No Thanks! has been a favorite light game of ours for a long time.  In 2013, a group of us decided to host our own private “convention” in a cabin near Rocky Mountain National Park and one of the games that came up all the time was No Thanks! again.

Since everyone enjoyed the “CabinCon” as we were calling it, we decided to make it an annual event and we started wanting to do our own convention swag.  No Thanks! was such a hit, I decided to make a custom CabinCon set for every one.

CabinCon Logo created by Bret Bays


One of our resident artist friends and CabinCon attendee made this logo for the first Con and we’ve adopted it into all of our swag ideas.  It was a natural fit for the logo of the No Thanks! deck I started to build.


This is just an easy Illustrator file with some simple text as a texture background and the main log on front.

To complete the “cabin” feel I went for a campfire motif where the larger numbers (which are bad in the game) represented more and more wildlife appearing the in darkness as your fire dwindles.

card06 card30

The motif complete, I printed the cards through Artscow during a sale and worked on a bag to hold everything.

NT bag

We still needed tokens so to complete the overall theme, I sourced some stacked wood tokens from Game Crafter to work as the “no thanks” tokens.

NT bits

Lastly, we play pretty loosely in the game and are usually snacking/drinking while we play so I made little player screens to keep your tokens hidden during the game.  They were created again with a lot of the images I’d already used for the cards and bag.  I printed on cardstock and laminated them.

NT screens

The whole set is now complete and it is a great reminder of our annual “con” and I enjoyed working out all the motif ideas and resource research.