As I posted in my 6×6 Game Challenge, one of the games I want to hit as part of the challenge is the Batman Miniature Game.  I have the new Suicide Squad box set to get going and it comes with an interesting campaign that I’m hoping to run through. Before all that can start, I have some work to do.

I cleaned and assembled the first half of the set with the Joker’s squad and Batman.  My friend has already started getting his Batman squad ready so we can start learning the game so I figured I’d start out with his main adversary.

The Grin Brothers were fairly easy though those hands on the brother on the left were a little dodgy in trying to glue in properly.

Panda Man is probably my favorite character out of all of them. Luckily he was really easy to assemble.

Harley was pretty easy to assemble as well.

Eyeball Man was a little harder as his arms and gun created a triangle of points between the shoulders and the holding of the gun. I couldn’t get them to fit perfectly so I used greenstuff to fill in the shoulder gaps.

The Goat Head had the same issue except the hand on the gun was sculpted to the gun piece instead of the arm, making it even more important to get the triangulation correct.  I didn’t get it perfect, as you can see, so more greenstuff to fill the gaps at the shoulder again.

And then we get to Joker (Leto). He should have been super simple but his left arm had a really bad miscast at the shoulder joint. This required a bit more greenstuff than usual and I had “texturize” the rebuilt area (largely unsuccessfully).  I think it’ll be fine for tabletop but a little disappointing at first.

The weather was nice enough so I primed the group after I filled the base slot with Greenstuff.

Joker (Leto) worked out well enough with his custom shoulder.

And the gaps in Eyeball Man’s shoulders are pretty much gone.

Finally, I had time to work on the beginning paint jobs in anticipation of our first game. It was interesting to jump back into color painting after being exclusively b/w for the last few months.

Our game will be a 150 rep (AKA points in the Batman Miniature Game) list as a learning game which also makes it easy to start fielding some painted (or in my case, almost painted) forces. We don’t have any real terrain to match quite yet except what comes in the Suicide Squad starter but we’ll make it work.  If the game goes well, we’ll start investing in more suitable terrain.