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Walking Dead Wednesdays: Days Gone Bye Complete

With my trees complete, I just had a few items left to finish out my Days Gone Bye terrain- the tents and the campfire. I was able to find a pretty good campfire in an old Warzones figure set but the tents were a little more challenging.

Most of the tents I found were military looking or those Boy Scout A-frames and I was looking for more modern equivalents.  I was able to find some custom tents on eBay and finally got them in the other day. They are a little small to be in scale with the models but they’ll serve.  They fit cleanly on the tent templates that come with the set though the templates depict tents that are clearly not in scale.

After painting all the terrain, I did some test shots with everything on the boards, both the Days Gone Bye boards and the Core Set boards.  The tiles have warped a little but I haven’t used the suggestion of making each tile with connectors to keep things together and flat.  I might try magnets but I’ve also seen toothpicks used as interlocking pieces.

The full boards make quite a large game area at 20″ x 40″ and I’m already envisioning a large scale onslaught of the undead.  It’s funny as I thought having the 26 painted walkers would be plenty but on this large map, they don’t seem as imposing.  I might have to invest in more walkers…

With the terrain done for these two sets, I can focus on painting up the survivors and Rick Grimes seemed like an obvious place to start.

I’m pretty happy with how Rick turned out.  I tried a little blending in the darker areas and after seeing how sloppy the wash can go on with the walkers, I was pretty careful with how I applied the wash to bring out the model details.

twilight settles over the Atlanta Camp




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  1. Very nice as always. I was skeptical of your bare trees, but they look great on the board.

    I’ve seen people that use sheets of plexi-glass to keep their boards flat. You can pick up sheets of various sizes at a local home improvement store.

    Keep up the good work.

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