After my first game with the Lu Duan holoecho remote, I realized I needed some holoecho markers to confuse my opponents. I don’t have any spare 55mm bases lying around but I do have this 3D printer thingie. Maybe that will work.

with that double vision

Like every print task, I start with Fusion 360. Well, nope, this time I started with a picture from the net and traced it using simple lines in Adobe Illustrator.

I was just going for an approximation so when things got a little close like the leg on the right, I dropped the lines a little to create some space. With the lines done and corners linked to make sure there were no gaps, I imported the EPS to Fusion 360 and created the model.

I also did up a quick 55mm base with the slot to hold the silhouette. I would later wait to finish this model until after I printed up the final silhouettes so I could match the slot size.

I was a bit lazy in that once I got the model made in Fusion, I didn’t bother to size it knowing I could do that quickly in the slicer (Cura in this case). I messed around with the final dimensions to make it fit more to what I wanted and then started looking at printing options.

Colton told me once about this guy making easy chain link fences by making a quick solid and using the slicer in-fill settings quickly create the links. This is accomplished by reducing the top and bottom layers to zero and having the printer only print out the infill and outline. I thought it might be a cool way to illustrate the silhouette is a hologram so I did some test prints.

I was also thinking of printing out the color image silhouette of the Lu Duan and putting it behind but I just wasn’t sold on the chain link version. The images above had a thin piece behind it as well for support but I didn’t like it without that translucent piece either.

I thought maybe use the color print image combined with the thin translucent piece but I wasn’t really feeling that one either.

Finally I settled on the combination of thin translucent top and bottom (0.4mm thick) with the obvious infill insidetm.

To give it some color, I airbrushed some thin Hexwraith flame all over. I used calipers to define the base slot size, reconfigured it in Fusion then sliced and printed. A quick spray of black primer and the holoechoes were complete.

one of these is not like the others…