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Month: February 2017

“FateCon” 2017 Part 1

Earlier this year, I had the fortune to set up a flight to Dallas over this past holiday weekend to hang out with another gaming friend. He lives in Fate, Texas, a small burb outside of Dallas and so we decided to call this little game fest “FateCon.”

It just so happen that another event was happening nearby called the Dallas Games Marathon (DGM).  This game-centric event happens every month and for $20, you can get a pass to play games at their facility and use their library of over 1,500 games. We only decided to go for one day but found that even going one day is worth the $20 weekend admission.

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Walking Dead Wednesday: Shane and Carl

A little light update for today’s Walking Dead Wednesday.  I started working on Shane and Carl this past week.


Also, I was able to pick up the Prelude to Woodbury and Morgan booster that are retail only.

It’s nice to have extras of the of Killzone template and dice but the ruler is a little off.

As you can see, the Prelude Ruler is shorter than the Kickstarter Core Set.

Comparing it to an actual ruler, you can see the Prelude ruler is almost a quarter inch shorter. Bummer.  The Killzone and Threat tracker was the same though so it’s odd they changed the size just for the ruler.  Likely it wouldn’t fit otherwise and since the ruler is for a solo set, all the distances will be consistent within your own solo game.

The other little mistep in this set is the Solo Event deck.  This is likely one of the biggest draws after the new figures and cards.  The Solo Event deck rewords the text to clarify how to execute the event in solo play.  Unfortunately, the cards have “Solo” emblazoned on the back of the card so all those great solo missions in Days Gone Bye and future expansions that add new event cards (which don’t have “Solo” on the back) won’t work unless you use opaque card sleeves.  Ah well. Maybe I’ll pick some of those up.

Lastly, Mantic is running a Walking Dead week this week on their blog and Facebook page. They’ll be talking about custom templates, a limited edition resin diorama, and more so be sure to check that out.


Building the Future

I talked about getting a CNC Machine a while back and detailed my start at putting it together.  I have made a lot of progress since then and will catch you up.

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Walking Dead COMIC Wednesday: Group Effort

Welcome back to this month’s Walking Dead COMIC Wednesday! I have a super-sized issue for you this week as we explore the next chapter in the Days Gone Bye expansion:

Chapter 2: Ready to Roll

If you missed the previous issue, you can find it it my Comics link in the top menu.

Batman Miniature Game: Frank Miller Batman vs Jared Leto Joker

Well my friend and I pushed and we were able to get some paint on some models, slap together a “demo” squad of 150 reputation (“points” in this game), and get a learning game done.

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I’m Batman. Miniature Game

As I posted in my 6×6 Game Challenge, one of the games I want to hit as part of the challenge is the Batman Miniature Game.  I have the new Suicide Squad box set to get going and it comes with an interesting campaign that I’m hoping to run through. Before all that can start, I have some work to do.

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Walking Dead Wednesdays: Farm Scenery

Stewart Gibbs is a studio manager at Mantic Games and answers questions on Facebook for The Walking Dead: All Out War.  I was going through one of the threads and Stewart was kind enough to give details on the scenery for the next three expansions.  I don’t recall exactly what thread his comments were in but I did save them for future reference:

For the farm, you’ll need 6 fences around 3″ long, a tractor, a barn around 6″ by 8″, and 4 hay bales.

For the prison, you’ll need 5 chain link fences around 4″ long – that’s it for the prison as the rest is the internal corridors which are printed on the mat. You could build a 3D one to match, but you’ll need to wait for the actual mat if you want to match sizes etc.

For Woodbury, you’ll need 2 smoke clouds about 3″ across, 4 lamp posts, 6 stakes for walkers to be tied to in the arena, and a tank around 7″ by 4″. The rest of the Woodbury stuff is four houses, all printed on the mat. They must be small enough that there’s room on a 20″ mat to have a street between them, and space between and behind them for models to move. They can have a few rooms in each, but all of them must have at least one 75mm square room that is used for certain objective overlays.

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6×6 Game Challenge 2017: Santorini Session 1

This past weekend, I was able to drop my first session for one of the games on my 6×6 Game Challenge: Santorini.

I’d only played one game before but a friend had never fully played a game so we set up the basic game without the God cards.

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Card Sleeving for Unique Card Sizes

This week, I’m catching up on some items that have been on hold for a little bit. I’ll start with a simple little pimping- sleeving cards. Now card sleeves are probably the easiest way to pimp out a game and some might argue that it’s so ubiquitous that it isn’t actually pimping out your game.  I disagree, so much so that I will block quote my philosophy:

Pimping a game is any addition or customization that enhances the aesthetic or mechanical enjoyment of the game or game play.

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Walking Dead Wednesdays: Days Gone Bye Complete

With my trees complete, I just had a few items left to finish out my Days Gone Bye terrain- the tents and the campfire. I was able to find a pretty good campfire in an old Warzones figure set but the tents were a little more challenging.

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