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6×6 Game Challenge 2017: Santorini Session 1

This past weekend, I was able to drop my first session for one of the games on my 6×6 Game Challenge: Santorini.

I’d only played one game before but a friend had never fully played a game so we set up the basic game without the God cards.

I took this game by cutting off his second worker and getting a tower up before he could regroup.

Next we tried our first game with the God powers: Graeae vs Gaia

My friend caught on quickly and used Graeae to block off a corner and score before I could figure out a way to attack. I think I was too focused on getting Gaia’s extra workers and wasn’t watching his workers enough.

Our last game shows that I still have a lot to learn: Artemis vs Medusa.

I was Medusa and, again, focused too much on trying to use her ability rather than play the game.

Full game at 26 turns (13 turns each) and again, my friend is able to shut me out of the corner.

It was good fun and I’m looking forward getting more games in of Santorini as I can see that I’ve barely scratched the surface of this game.


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  1. I’m not familiar with this game, but it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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