A little light update for today’s Walking Dead Wednesday.  I started working on Shane and Carl this past week.


Also, I was able to pick up the Prelude to Woodbury and Morgan booster that are retail only.

It’s nice to have extras of the of Killzone template and dice but the ruler is a little off.

As you can see, the Prelude Ruler is shorter than the Kickstarter Core Set.

Comparing it to an actual ruler, you can see the Prelude ruler is almost a quarter inch shorter. Bummer.  The Killzone and Threat tracker was the same though so it’s odd they changed the size just for the ruler.  Likely it wouldn’t fit otherwise and since the ruler is for a solo set, all the distances will be consistent within your own solo game.

The other little mistep in this set is the Solo Event deck.  This is likely one of the biggest draws after the new figures and cards.  The Solo Event deck rewords the text to clarify how to execute the event in solo play.  Unfortunately, the cards have “Solo” emblazoned on the back of the card so all those great solo missions in Days Gone Bye and future expansions that add new event cards (which don’t have “Solo” on the back) won’t work unless you use opaque card sleeves.  Ah well. Maybe I’ll pick some of those up.

Lastly, Mantic is running a Walking Dead week this week on their blog and Facebook page. They’ll be talking about custom templates, a limited edition resin diorama, and more so be sure to check that out.